BuildTeam: A Deeper Look Into Statistical Data and Analysis for the BUILDTEAM Token in 2018

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Hey folks! A few days ago we put up a post which showed the development of the BuildTeam token staking payout, but, we thought a clearer explanation on how we calculated these numbers would be in order. Feel free to review our last post before moving forward BuildTeam Token Metrics Part 1.

We'll go into greater detail about the data used to compile our last article for readers now.


First of all, we started with the following data:

Sat Dec 160.272
Mon Jan 10.263
Tue Jan 160.172
Thu Feb 10.205
Fri Feb 160.125
Thu Mar 10.091
Fri Mar 160.073
Sun Apr 10.073
Mon Apr 160.087
Tue May 10.151
Wen May 160.125

The data above represents the payout dates since December and the amount of Steem we distributed compared to the amount of BuildTeam Tokens staked at the time.

In the next step we had to figure out the prices at the time of the payouts.

For this we went to CoinMarketCap and checked out the prices of Bitshares and Steem at the day of the payout.

At the same time we also checked the price of the BuildTeam tokens on bitshares.

This data enabled us to calculate the price of the BuildTeam Token in $ at the day.

Steem price (USD)*BT price (BTS)*BTS price (USD)*BT Price (USD)

Following this data we used a very simple formula.

Steem Price * Steem share / BuildTeam Token Price

Which got us the ratio of how many Steem in $ everyone got, compared to the BuildTeam Token Price staked.

Calculating this times two (Two payouts per month) gets us the monthly ROI and times twelve the yearly.

ROI (% per year)ROI (% per month)

Data representation:

Resulting in the two following graphs.

Additionally, some people asked for a graph not considering the BT price at all.

This would be quite difficult since in order to get these numbers we had to fix the BT value on some number.

Therefore, a better representation would be the data in the first table.

This shows how many Steem for each BT was paid out.

Which shows a quite similar curve as the other graphs, but independendt of the Steem and BT token price.

How we generated the Graphs: (Scripts)

To get some nice looking graphs we loaded the Data into R.

To get the data from the clipboard:

Dataset <- read.table("clipboard", header=TRUE, sep="", na.strings="NA", dec=",", strip.white=TRUE)

To cast the date column to actual dates:

Dataset$Date <- as.Date(Dataset$Date, format = "%d-%m-%Y")

To make the bar graph for the year:

graph = ggplot(Dataset, aes(x=Date, y=ROI, fill="cornflowerblue")) + 
geom_bar(position=position_dodge(), stat="identity", fill="cornflowerblue") + 
xlab("Time") + ylab("ROI(% per Month)") + 
theme(legend.text=element_text(size=15), legend.title=element_text(size=20), legend.position="none") + 
scale_x_date(date_breaks = "1 month")

The first line loads the graph from the Dataset.
The next line defines the type of graph and color.
The following line names the axis.
The next line cleans up the sizes of the legend.
And the last line defines the date scale.

In conclusion we would just like to quickly remind everyone of the fact that BUILDTEAM has offered an outstanding ROI this year to both inside and outside parties and would like to highlight that ROI again in the chart below:

What does it all mean for BuildTeam?

As you can see from looking at the chart above payments / ROI declined over March and April which also tracked a major correction of the overall cryptospace in which every major cryptocurrency faced a massive decline of 20-80pct.

Another apparent observation is that payments / ROI has a new trend increasing significantly in the end of April 2018 and mid May 2018.

BuildTeam has an incredibly ambitious roadmap for 2018 which involves major updates to some of our flagship services and a possibility of getting involved with brand new projects involving the new EOS mainchain due to release on June 1, 2018.

Stay tuned for some exciting news! Thanks for supporting BuildTeam!

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Thanks for this update @buildteam and @cryptomancer!

I have a questions regarding SBD. Since SBD is decreasing potentially going towards $1 USD, I see that is affecting the amount of Steem that Buildteam gets when converting the SBD to Steem. Am I thinking correct?

Also analysing the graphs and tables, and past payouts, the ratio price of SBD compared to Steem, as well as the price of BTS and Steem, also impact on the price of BT and the amount of Steem distributed to token holders, correct?

Looking forward to your thoughts on this.

Regards, @gold84

So many ways to invest in Steemit... so little money to go around. This is definitely intriguing and I will take a closer look at the shares market.

Thanks for the details, it's great to see some insights

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Thanks for your post. The lowest ROI is 4%. It is better than 3% of steemit. Assume that SBD and Steem prices are stable.

I love everything @buildteam stands for. Seriously!!! If yall had a banner I'd raise it on my mountain..

Great Information. Thanks for sharing :p

Great one. Keep it up @buildteam

I'll have to review this content for sure. I'm interviewing one of your guys in a week or two on my DEAR LITTLESCRIBE show. Thanks for sharing the update!

If I believe that the statistics are very accurate, recently I received some signs that certify it.

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very nice post bro well i can see you know a lot about cryptocurrency can u tell me about TBC or billion coin

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Thank you for the information ... This is very detailed information for me, I will wait for the new price update ,, hope the market gives good news for me ...

This post is interesting and very detailed. Now my question is: will the payments / ROI continue to increase with your new dentencia this month? Or will it decrease again by the middle of June?