BuildTeam EOS BPC Nodes Ready for Action as EOS Mainnet Launch is Underway!

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Hi EOS fans, @cryptomancer here, following up on our last EOS update with a message to the EOS community regarding recent developments and a few of our major strengths as an EOS Block Producer Candidate.

If you would like more background information about our previous efforts relating to EOS, feel free to review the articles below before reading further:

BuildTeam EOS Testnet Nodes Online as Mainnet Launch Approaches!

BuildTeam: EOS Block Producer Node Update

BuildTeam EOS Block Producer Candidacy Report

In the past few days BuildTeam has managed to make a lot of progress in regard to its BP candidacy and the value the organization represents to the EOS community.

We've conducted a significant amount of EOS testing, from basic functionality like creating new accounts & buying RAM from the command line to more technical operations like the reconfiguration of nodes.

We now have 3 nodes all connected to the EOS mainnet

In addition to the nodes themselves, we’ve also taken steps to ensure that we can be discovered easily when people want to vote for our BP. This is done by means of a file hosted on the website which contains information about our BP in a standard format that has been agreed upon with voting portals. When we register our block producer onchain, we include our web site with the registration data. Voting portals check that registration data, go to our website, pull our BP data file and then use that to display information about BuildTeam on their portal. As a result, assuming the whole process works seamlessly, we will automatically be listed on all voting portals that follow this standard.

The topology of our BP infrastructure setup can be described as follows. We have 3 nodes listed: two block producers (one primary and one backup) and a non-block producer. With this setup we can seamlessly switch between primary & backup nodes without any interruption in block production through the execution of a single command. This enables us to easily perform maintenance on one node or the other without any service degradations.

It is important to note the two BPs are private nodes that don’t provide public services to just any random person who happens to be using EOS. They serve a very specialized purpose of securing the network & facilitating its transactions, and are completely dedicated to that purpose alone.

The non-BP node, on the other hand, we have decided to expose as a public seed node, with endpoint data provided to other block producers to assist them in getting up & running on the network during these important early days.

In the future we plan to add another public node (called an API node) which anybody can use for connecting their EOS wallet, accessing the network and performing operations. This type of node serves as a gateway into EOS so you can use the network on a day-to-day basis. It’s analogous to the public Steem nodes that applications such as Steemvoter and Minnowbooster use to connect & transact on the Steem network. We'll have more details coming on this at the appropriate time.

Take a quick look at this map which shows our current geographic setup:

We've got a long history of serving the Steem community in a similar manner and details regarding this can be reviewed in the post below:

BuildTeam and its staff members are very excited about the upcoming EOS launch and have made a lot of really good progress so far towards our broader goal of uniting all graphene blockchain communities.

We would like to credit Ben Sigman and @blockmatrix for the useful information published in the posts below. These articles were outstanding and were a big help in developing a commercial grade EOS node configuration:

Once again we would like to thank EOS Block Producer Candidates and the greater community for making such an outstanding effort to collaborate and work together.

It's no exaggeration to say we are witnessing an event every bit as important as the birth of Bitcoin itself! EOS is sure to be one of the greatest decentralized networks the world has ever seen.

As one final note, we also take this moment to affirm our commitment to only deploying code from the repository, as has been agreed upon between all major block producers.

Here's a video outlining BuildTeam's EOS Block Producer Candidacy effort:

BuildTeam's EOS BP Call to Action

We hope you will consider voting for BuildTeam as one of the official 21 block producers that secure and facilitate transactions for the EOS mainnet. Together we can build the cryptospace in a way that promotes social responsibility and more equitable exchange of value amongst people everywhere.

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Get support and connect with us and other BuildTeam fans!

We are always looking to improve @buildteam and try to keep you up-to-date whenever something changes. If you have any suggestions about what we should change or add to @buildteam, then please drop by and let us know!

Missed the BuildTeam announcement? Here's all the juicy details.

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I'm all for voting on you but I'm still very unclear on the procedure for securing my coins on the mainnet and voting. Pretty much still just on the be patient train here. I figure it will become user-friendly eventually. Or I suppose I can bug you incessantly on Discord. :)


Thanks for your support. Voting hasn't started yet, the EOS launch group is still doing some last minute tests & validations before opening the network up to the public. When voting begins, multiple block producers (including us) will publish some tutorials on how to do it. It will be a fairly painless process once the right tools are available.

And yes, you're always free to bug us on Discord any time!


Yes you have my vote (auch wenn ich immer Augenkrebs bekomme wenn ich Nuremberg lesen muss) I consider to use @greymass from @jesta


Much appreciated! We agree the @greymass voting tool is great and will be doing a tutorial soon showing how to use it.

I'd vote for you guys if you'd just publish a clear list of commands I can use in Cleos to connect (using my local wallet & key), view my account details, and vote. Seems the info out there is either a over-written document or a comment "change the endpoint, it's easy" - or someones fresh & un-audited portal (not awesome). I heard you might be about to help with this... following & crossing my fingers.


We will be publishing a voting tutorial soon, but if you want to do it through the command line without using any third party tools, here are the commands to use. You can connect to the network using a public endpoint such as

first start local wallet:

/home/username/eos/build/programs/keosd/keosd --data-dir /home/username/path/to/wallet --http-server-address

Now you can use cleos to perform network transactions. Setup your wallet with private key:

/home/username/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u --wallet-url wallet create
/home/username/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u --wallet-url wallet import yourprivatekey

View account details:

/home/username/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u --wallet-url get account youraccountname

To vote:

/home/username/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u --wallet-url system voteproducer prods youraccountname producer1 producer2 producer3 -p youraccountname

For example, if my account name is cryptomancer and I want to vote for buildteameos and privexinceos, I could do this:

/home/username/eos/build/programs/cleos/cleos -u --wallet-url system voteproducer prods cryptomancer buildteameos privexinceos -p cryptomancer

But there are much easier ways to vote than from command line! There is an excellent voting tool made available by @greymass which we recommend:

Thanks for the update @cryptomancer ! I believe you will be doing great developments for the growth of the EOS network and community!
Regards, @gold84


You're welcome, thanks for the well wishes and hope you are enjoying the start of EOS!

@buildteam EOS Launching update is well and good it will be very supportive for us.

Congratulations @buildteam!
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Does any-one want to make a :I-Voted-For-EOS-Block-Producers-Meme?