BUILDTEAM Tokens Post Greater 24h Gains than Top 100!!!



BUILDTEAM tokens gained 19.69% at a price of 39.5 BTS in the last 24 hours amidst the ongoing crypto bear market, whereas only a handful of top 100 coins managed to escape the red with single digit gains up to 9.18%.

BUILDTEAM tokens are tradable on the Bitshares DEX (Decentralised Exchange), the desktop wallet/trading client is available for download on and is not reliant on any website for trading availability, this makes Bitshares completely censorship resistant with maximum uptime. Great work has been done on the interface by @svk and the wallet has is easy to use with pleasing visuals that enhance the entire user experience.

Using Tradingview charts you can see that the BUILDTEAM token has always been on a steady incline since it's inception in July 2017. Now just having had its anniversary, BUILDTEAM is a proven Bitshares asset with strong ties to the Steem economy.

Token holders can influence token earnings simply by utilising @buildteam services such as delegation leasing or upvote bot services, the new Steemvoter Beta with community guilds as well as the Steem account creator.

By far the quickest way to boost BuildTeam revenue is to delegate Steem Power to the @minnowbooster account which is always sold out of votes and has massive potential to supply more customers if it had additional delegation. Doubling delegation to @minnowbooster is akin to doubling @buildteam revenue to token holders. Supplying your vote on our bot market will have the same effect, if you prefer to do it that way.

Support BuildTeam and its services to foster a more resilient development community on Steem, help us build your tomorrow!


Ricardo Ferreira
BuildTeam CEO and Steem Witness

BuildTeam Upgrades to Appbase

We are proud to be one of the first groups to offer a brand new, speedy Appbase connection to the Steem blockchain. We are resolved in making Steem the greatest blockchain in the world and major technological upgrades such as the one discussed in our recent post give it an even better chance for full scale mass adoption.

We look forward to bringing the Steem community even more releases in the near future.

Together we can make the ecosystem one that rivals even the biggest of competitors!

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That's great considering there has literally been 0 volume in the past 24 hours.

Posted 2 hours ago, on trending, and still nobody gives a fuck about your shit tokens.

What a joke.

Haha, I see my trades in that image. Amazing to think that something I did ended up with a post being made.

Post Greater 24h Gains than Top 100!!! That's the great News

I don't understand how these tokens are going to work


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