BuildTeam - Witness Vote Applications Now Open

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@thecryptodrive, BuildTeam CEO here, writing to you about the recent developments regarding the BuildTeam witness voting schedule. Over the last while I have been proxying my own witness vote through @buildteam, however it is starting to become evident that 30 votes are not enough to vote everyone who supports my and @reggaemuffin's witness or is involved in business relations with @buildteam, so for this reason I am going to be voting for witnesses separately from the @buildteam account.

Once my vote is decoupled, the @buildteam account will have a witness vote value of approx. 200 000 Steem Power across its proxy votes and Steem Power holdings. My personal stand-alone witness vote will then be worth 258 000 Steem Power.

How to apply for the @buildteam vote:

To apply for the remaining 16 @buildteam witness votes, please write a Steem post with your application and link the url here in comment. Please include the following criteria in your application:

  1. What do you currently do for the Steem community and what do you plan to do for Steem in the future?

  2. How can you support and help @buildteam, its token and its various communities, projects and apps prosper? Our network currently consists of @tokenbb, @ginabot, @minnowbooster, @minnowmonsters, @steemvoter, @quicksteem, @steemsports, @steemsports-es, @steemsports-ita, @btuniverse,, and the upcoming DLease professional delegation market. More information on the BUILDTEAM token can be seen on our Token Announcement, it is currently a Bitshares asset with simulated Steem Power like vesting, with the vision to migrate to an SMT. We have a Steem-engine token placeholder listed as well.

  3. Are you willing to proxy your vote via @buildteam, or vote for BuildTeam executive witnesses @reggaemuffin and @thecryptodrive in mutual support? (Mutual support is normal business etiquette, however is not mandatory, but will be considered as in tie-breaker decider situations.)

Note: If you become a BuildTeam developer or team member, witness votes will be granted defacto while slots are available.

General Terms

We will evaluate the applications as we receive them, as fewer slots become available we may wait for more applications before making final decisions.

Should we not receive enough applications to fill all available slots, we will then reserve the right to vote at our descretion.

We reserve the right to review our votes at any time and amend to our discretion, but most likely will not be reviewed any more frequent than once per month. Witness votes may be revoked in cases of general misconduct within the community or misconduct against @buildteam, its services, members and executive.

Current @buildteam witness voting schedule:

  1. @reggaemuffin - BuildTeam CTO.
  2. @thecryptodrive - BuildTeam CEO.
  3. @helpie - run by @eonwarped, recent addition to our dev team.
  4. @drakos - RPC Node operator of BuildTeam private nodes.
  5. @aggroed - Steem Monsters integration partner, Tokenbb - Steem Monsters forum pilot client and Steem-engine partner.
  6. @yabapmatt - Steem Monsters integration partner, Tokenbb - Steem Monsters forum pilot client, Steem-engine partner and Steem Keychain integration partner for the BuildTeam Universal Login.
  7. @lukestokes.mhth - Eary investor and supporter of the BUILDTEAM token.
  8. @smooth.witness - Market maker and api testing partner for the MinnowBooster Delegation leasing market.
  9. @oracle-d - Steem Business Alliance Partner and future integration partner.
  10. @steempress - Steem Business Alliance Partner and @Steempress integration partner.
  11. @privex - ISP Technology partner.
  12. @someguy123 - ISP Technology partner and @minnowbooster delegator.
  13. @stoodkev - @SteemPlus - @MinnowBooster affiliate integration, Steem Keychain integration partner for the BuildTeam Universal Login.
  14. @utopian-io - Open source repository incentive partner, multiple synergies, general alliance and advisory.

Best of luck in your application!

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hi, just dropping a quick comment to see if buildteam, or any of the buildteam team would consider supporting @steemcommunity.
Some of our recent work includes an audit and analysis of dlease leasing service which you can read here
we also provide a free training course for STEEM users on understanding the steem economy and we are currently working on a new directory of steem communities. In addation to this we push for engagement and growth on the blockchain via our leagues. You can read more about all of that on our website


Consider it done @paulag :)

This is interesting and probably a good way for witnesses to do hard work :) @thecryptodrive and @reggaemuffin, you may also find interests in my recent post: Witness of the people, by the people, for the people. Thanks.


That post is seriously detailed, unfortunately it is 10 days old so I can't vote it. I see now that you are an economist, I would actually like to speak to you on Discord DM (thecryptodrive#8144) about our leasing service and get a writeup on it from an economist perspective, we are currently doing a push for external media marketing as can be seen by this first press release

Our other products and services can also be seen here

Also I got a GINAbot notification of your reply to my TokenBB message, I see you replied on Steem. TokenBB is not two-way with Steem, you will have to re-post in the topic.


Thanks, yes, unfortunately it's already old, but you can follow me to appreciate :) While now I'm in the academia, I also worked as SWE before, so not to forget programming skills, I've also been contributing some project (e.g., Busy) as hobby. Since I also worked for facebook before, I'm quite interested in Steemit. Buildteam seems to do so many cool projects.

ps. I'm not using Discord regularly (my auto login expired and I forgot my password, again!), next time I log on, will contact you. thanks!


Ok sure, 100% our whole team is on Discord and we conduct all of our activities there so that is the best way to be in touch and even work with us, we do have some opensource stuff such as a Steem Editor and TokenBB frontend themes, see posts on @tokenbb for details.


Thanks, and I've just voted you for witness!


Much appreciated!

I have and will continue to assist with adhoc development efforts for buildteam as needed, as well as supporting a few of the key buildteam members with witness votes.

I will continue to freely offer a public seed node, "full" rpc node, hivemind and tower api servers for as long as I'm able to afford to with my witness pay.

I also support several non-profit organisations, curation efforts and competitions with my stake such as teamaustralia/centerlink , openmic , msp-curation, informationwar and more.

Please consider me for a witness vote :)


Thanks for your application @ausbitbank and for some of the recent coding work you have done for us. We will arrange the witness vote for you shortly.

I would like submit an application on behalf of @curie. Please consider the following post as the main application and the answer for the first part.

Curie remains committed to serve Steem and is mainly focused on quality curation, rewarding authors, empowering curators, helping to build communities, and operating a community witness. As Curie being not for profit organization in its core, its operations have had a positive impact on Steem platform overall.

Unfortunately, Curie will not be able to proxy its vote and/or vote for BuildTeam witnesses. However, individual members have complete freedom to use their votes as they please. I personally have been voting for BuildTeam witnesses. I hope the following Curie manifesto from the whitepaper can answer that better:

Curie believes in absolute meritocracy with no compromises or scope for bias and corruption. To this end:

  1. Curie is a community project operated and owned entirely by the community. 100% of all revenues and holdings will be distributed back to Curie contributors.
  2. Curie will remain apolitical and unbiased.
  3. Curie will never vote for its own posts.
  4. Curie will never solicit anything from any contributor or beneficiary. (E.g. Curie will never ask authors to buy votes, Curie will never ask curators to pay for submissions, Curie will never ask reviewers to follow its trail, etc. All given votes and all curation will be purely on merit.)
  5. All Curie contributors follow the same rules, no one is beyond reproach.

Hi @geekgirl, the @curie witness application has now been approved and we have issued the witness vote.


That is awesome! Thanks a lot!


Thanks so much @geekgirl, your application has been received and will be considered along with other applicants.

Hey, @buildteam!

Thank you for your contribution to the crowd. We are the Steem community project dedicated to empowering The Wisdom of Crowds. You can find more about us on our official website or whitepaper and you can support us by voting for our witness and joining our curation trail on Steemauto . We are also inviting you to join Crowdmind Discord server. Don't forget to use the #crowdmind hashtag and happy crowdsourcing!


Thanks for your application, would you be able to confirm if there is anything you can do to support BuildTeam or its apps and whether you are prepared to vote for BuildTeam witnesses or proxy your vote via @buildteam.

  • What do you currently do for the Steem community and what do you plan to do for Steem in the future?

Crowdwitness is supporting Crowdmind project, as well as other great projects which activities tap the wisdom of crowd trough collaborative crowd work and participation – @steemSTEM, @yu-STEM, @davinci.witness, @bananafish, @teamserbia, @teamaustralia. Trough the Crowdmind, we are curating participation calls and entries, and we also participate/support open call budgets and prize pools. We also started providing instant new steem accounts for our partners and their friends. More about our primary project you can find on our website:

Our future vision is clear, and we know it will be not easy to achieve it. At this phase, we are empowering the crowd, mostly through conversations, advising, and curation. We are especially proud that crowdsourcing and related methods are becoming something about what we are getting more and more notifications trough ginabot every day. In the future we want to raise the level of participation calls, of contests, to unlock additional participative capacities of the crowd. Rewards are unfortunately important, but not the only catalyst for this. We want to start making steem initiatives which will reach the local, offline communities – like when the short story contest on Steem become the hard copy book in the specific country.

Our team consists of specialists in marketing, advertising, crowdsourcing and other fields which can benefit what you are doing. Our community is very active, and we have our partnership model which gave some impressive results when we speak about making bridges between specific communities and projects and create the crowd synergy.

  • Are you willing to proxy your vote via @buildteam, or vote for BuildTeam executive witnesses @reggaemuffin and @thecryptodrive in mutual support? (Mutual support is normal business etiquette, however is not mandatory, but will be considered as in tie-breaker decider situations.)

We are completely open to mutual support.

Here is the blog page to our witness:


Hi @crowdmind can you give me the Discord username of your primary business development contact so we can discuss synergies.


I am pleased to report that we have voted for @crowdwitness, looking forward to your mutual support.

It was great chatting yesterday ! Looking forward for more cooperation with @buildteam.
Here is our application


Thanks for your application @mcfarhat, we have had a Discord chat and are satisfied to accept your application for our witness vote. We hope to have a long and mutually beneficial relationship going forward.

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Hi, @buildteam!

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Hey, @buildteam
Please allow me to introduce myself briefly.

About Me

  • Programmer, Maker, Freelancer
  • Participant in STEEM since July 2016.
  • Investor and believer of Encrypted currency and blockchain
  • Holding more than 40K STEEM POWER

My contributions

  • WeChat gadget to facilitate the user to query STEEM information conveniently
  • Witnesses list to help user effectively choose good witnesses.
  • “Personal STEEM” A tool to pull user’s articles to local database for easy search. (Under development)
  • @anti-spam: An Anti-spam robot for #cn community (Not active now, due to the reduction of SPAM content #cn community)
  • @anti-phishing: An Anti- phishing robot(Not active now, Because there are several similar projects in the community.)

My posts

  • Written a lot of articles about life, programming, steem and steem development, etc.
  • Translated a lot of articles about HF19, HF20 to Chinese Version.
  • Made a lot of tutorials(Chinese) to guide Chinese users using STEEM correctly

Some links

Looking forward for more cooperation with @buildteam.


Hi @oflyhigh, thank you for your application. We are please to confirm that BuildTeam has voted for your witness. We also hereby vote for abit's witness which we have discussed about, I agree abit is an asset to the Steem chain and was the most valuable person in a previous hardfork that needed community developer intervention to develop a patch when Steemit inc developers weren't available, we thereby vote for him as well.

I have been vote you .Maybe you can read my articles when you have time. Just it.Thanks!

This feels like a Partner with BuildTeam sales pitch using a vote as part of the pitch?

IF you are willing to do something for me I'll vote for you... not based on merit alone. It's not an application so much as a sales pitch. Am i wrong?

Maybe it's a thin line:
"We support all of our partners with a vote"
That seems acceptable to me, they're your partners, why wouldn't you.
But you're making a big post about submitting applications... do these witnesses that have nothing to do with buildteam actually have a shot?

"Our policy is that we vote for any of our partners or witnesses that have worked with us"
I'm on board with that.

BUT... prove us wrong.


@nuancedthought, this is similar to what MinnowSupport did regarding their witness vote application, you basically needed to show what value you can bring to the MinnowSupport network and Steem.

Yes other witnesses that have nothing to do with BuildTeam have a shot, we currently vote for Curie for example only on the merits of what they do for the Steem network since we still have empty slots, however if later more witnesses come along that are willing to support BuildTeam in some way and we don't have free slots we will likely replace some like curie.

BuildTeam has stakeholders and team members who rely on BuildTeam being successful so we have to make sure that we maximise all resources, including our witness vote capacity.

Hope that makes sense.


k well good... I guess proof is in the pudding. Best of luck.

I would like to submit an application for @dmitrydao witness. Would really appreciate if you consider your vote.

Here's what I've done so far for Steem:

  • Launched Steem Insights - a Steem Search Engine based on Hivemind.
  • Helped to add STEEM as one of the accepted currencies into @paytomat core.
  • Had been a part of Steem community since August, 2016. At that moment was managing my mom's page (@tanyabtc).

My plans for the future:

  • Continue to develop Steem apps and improve Steem Insights.
  • Implement interface for proposals system by blocktrades as soon as it's going live.
  • Launch Hivemind as well as RPC node to support and strengthen Steem infrastructure.
  • Negotiate STEEM currency integrations into existing systems and platforms.

@buildteam support:

I'm ready to make a small contribution in the following months into @buildteam token. Also I'm willing to add @btuniverse as a primary source of educational materials on Steem Insights, as well as share it with new Steemians. If I can see any possible implementations of the token in any of the apps I'm planning to build, I will for sure use it.


I already voted to @thecryptodrive and your partner @reggaemuffin as witnesses.

I do appreciate the work and help from @buildteam team. It is nice working with you regardless of the voting decision.


Dear @dmitrydao, I'm so glad you posted your application, not long ago I saw your post about Steem Insights while using mobile and meant to come back to it an and vote and make contact with you but I was so busy getting our new leasing product tested and ready for launch in the coming days that it slipped my mind.

The fact that you listed @paytomat and @minnowbooster on your featured apps caught my eye, I initially made business development contact with Paytomat to get them to list Steem, seems then you did the implementation. I went back now and saw we both were commenting on the Paytomat announcement post.

Thanks for listing MinnowBooster on the featured apps, I was wondering if you could assist us with the upcoming launch by listing as well on featured apps.

Appreciate the witness votes for us and we have reciprocated and voted for you as well.

I would really like it if you could contact me in DM on Discord - thecryptodrive#8144 , I would like to discuss synergies and dev opportunities for you.


Thanks a lot for your vote. It means a lot to me. Testing dLease now. Looks cool.

Congratulations @buildteam!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Upvotes - Ranked 8 with 1704 upvotes
  • Pending payout - Ranked 9 with $ 83,06

Yep. Pretty sad. Even’s auto-voted with Steemvoter subscriptions.

What a waste of rewards. But what else is new with “BuildTeam?” It’s all a waste, in my opinion. Only so many ways you can sell votes and delegations.


Two applications in progress via DM, they will post their applications soon.