A Controversial Opinion on the Burka

3년 전

For as long as I can recall, women and even young girls have worn burkas in my country. I also have a sister who wears a burka pretty much at all times, and another - and a mother - who wear one on occasion.

I tell them they ought not to wear it. Masking your face for prolonged periods of times is bound to breed insecurity when one starts to appreciate their burka more then their own face.

And there's of course the problem that this fashion choice is having on men and young boys. What is a young lad - or an adult male for that matter - to think when looking upon a group of females, out and about, all wearing burkas?

It's obvious isn't it? If our women are going to be covering their selves with distracting decorations, drawing our attention away from the most significant aspect of their being, then why should we be surprised when males begin to view females within society as objects?

If our women had just given us what we needed, a peak at the real goods, perhaps then we might have been able to regard them as complete people, instead of just busty babes in burkas.

I suppose it matters not, however. Burkas are now a deeply integrated part of our society, to the point where any females brave enough not to wear one are considered strange or ridiculed by their peers.

But, perhaps we men ought to try harder to see through the burka, to what lies beneath. A glimpse at the person under the burka might just be all we need to remember that our women are human too. Maybe then we will be able to see them as our interesting, fascinating and beautiful counterparts, instead of the useful objects they are quickly becoming.

If we can pull off such a feat, perhaps then they might grow to see their selves in the same way. Then there'd be no need for burkas in Western society anymore.

-This post was inspired by the ongoing attempt by Western government to sow seeds of hatred, fear and distrust between Western and Islamic cultures. I have observed the increasingly louder cries of the alt-right to ban the burka, and even heard it said earlier in a very popular YouTube video by an alt-right member, "I see all those women in burkas walking their children to school past my window in the morning- and I don't like it."

If you are going to be foolish enough to label yourself as a direction, and then if you are going to laugh at those who also foolishly chose a position - the opposite one - for getting offended at things so easily; and if you are going to make a point of telling said opposing position that getting offended is a choice they can easily overcome; then perhaps your dislike of someone wearing a burka is not important enough to warrant a ban- just get over it as you expect the left to do with the things that make them feel uncomfortable.

The immigrants are not going anywhere, and if we did not want them here, then perhaps we should have spoken up when our governments were making decisions that led to the crisis that is bringing them here. So perhaps it is time to abandon the word immigrant and just recognize that they are other people who also are in a position they would likely not have chosen if given the option.

I do not know what was in the mind of the person who invented the burka. But, it seems to me that it is a means of protecting a woman's virtue more than anything else. If this is the case, then if the burka is banned, so too should make-up be, which is a mask just the same, only one invented to steal a woman's virtue and burden her with insecurity issues.

We can continue to pull a lefty, and cry about how sad we are that our countries are changing, and throw a tantrum at the party our televisions tell us is responsible for it. Or, we can grow the fuck up and stop bitching. We can observe that we have a serious fucking situation on our hands, and recognize that if we do not start sowing seeds of unity within our communities right now, instead of playing right into the hands of our puppet masters, then what comes next will be no one's fault but our own.

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