Burstcoin Cloud Mining

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Hey everybody, this post is meant to be a transfer to a post I made a while ago on the Burstnation forums for efficient PoC mining methods that don’t require physical rigs. I like to find loopholes and exploits in software and report it to developers for patches and things like that. When I first made this post, I specified that one of the methods that I used seemed to have worked but shouldn’t have, which it actually didn’t. It had to do with VHDX falsification, and though I know that unless a plot is legitimate it won’t work, the way that I was using seemed to have at the time. I was just trying to be professional and stuff and wanted to see if anybody could assist testing its legitimacy. I didn’t mean to make it seem unreal. I’m really sorry for that one, guys. Anyway, I can conclude that VHDX falsification is a load of crap and it was a fault on my part for even thinking that it should in some way. The method that I found includes the use of a cloud storage service. I tested a few of them out and wasn’t able to find out too much. What I did find out though, was that some services are better than others. I believe that for this to work, you need an internet connection that can be fast enough to not only upload the plot, but to also be faster than the read speed of an average hard drive. Basically, there are 2 ways. 1 is to plot directly onto your hard drive and upload it to your cloud service, and the 2nd way is to plot straight from your PC to the cloud service by setting your cloud as a drive letter. This is where the fast internet speed comes in. As I’ve seen, the plotter just shuts down when you try to plot onto the cloud drive letter, but I assume that it is due primarily to the fact that there is a bottleneck or holdup because my internet speed isn’t fast enough and it can’t do anything with the rest of the data. I mean, just imagine the potential of somebody with a 10Gbps internet speed that is using a GPU assisted plotter. They can upload terabytes of plots per day. This isn’t much of a big deal anymore considering that BURST mining is practically worthless today, but imagine mining this way at the start of the next big PoC coin. As a student, I had an unlimited cloud storage on Google Drive, and saw the huge profits I could make if I ended up uploading my plots to the internet. Noticing how out of hand it could get because of how manipulatable I thought storage was, I decided to take what I found to the BURST forums. So anyway, here’s the original text:
Cloud Mining:
Seriously, before reading this, I suggest you know the speeds you must have before even attempting this feat. You’re going to need an upload and download speed fast enough to not only write the plots, but also constantly mine. I suggest 20Gbps on both ends for plotting, but it you want to plot to your hard drives at home and upload from there, that also works just fine. Still, even uploading 1PB of plots will only get you 1k-2k BURST/day, which doesn’t even count the rumors from the people that are already cloud mining that you only get 1/4 of what you’re expected to get. Don’t quote me on this by the way, guys. I just overheard some stuff in the BURST Discord that said something about only getting 1/4 payout while we were talking about cloud mining, so it may not even be true. Just a disclaimer for all of you. I also advise to use a cloud VM of some sort to assist you in this deed. If you want more info, you can check the link below to the original tutorial. The following is just to show my ratings on the subject and give some pointers to some things that I found out as well.
Cloud Mining isn’t exactly what it seems to be when I say it, even though it is seemingly effective with the right type of equipment. I will add a couple of charts below showing the approximate results of my findings. I am a bit disappointed though, where I wasn’t the first person to discover this method (technically), but probably the first person to find an even better way than what has been traditionalized by the ones who already know. Summarizing what I have recently found on the forums (which isn’t my way), you may use a drive mapping program for a cloud service and mine from there. Yet, I do have the best method for it though, which I will show you in a little bit. The link to the official tutorial is here:( https://burstforum.net/topic/1338/how-to-cloud-mine-101-tutorial ) My method is still in the testing phase, but I are slowly rising to the point where I want to share every last detail once I confirm their legality and effectiveness.
When linking a cloud, I used a few different procedures. Here is the "traditional" version. First, I used netdrive and the built in Amazon Drive compatibilities to link our desired drives as drive letters onto our mining device. Next, you’ll want to optimize your drives in a program such as GUI Plot Optimizer. From there, I’d make our plots onto one of our PHDs and transfer them to our cloud drives in the desired folders (CLOUDDRIVELETTER:\Burst\Plots) in this case. You will want to upload them through your browser though because the upload speeds are quite slow for the Network Drives. Now, you are able to browse your cloud as a normal drive, but this is where the mining comes in. Since you already have your drive set up, I’d recommend a very fast internet speed so you can get optimal performance and also because the uploading is expected to take a very long time. I really hope that I are able to completely advance and develop these methods and find more together. Results Below.

Here's my key for rating them:

UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD SPEED (Average Upload/Download Speed)
Maximum Storage Shown On Drive (UNLIMITED IN TOTAL):

Google Drive (NetDrive):
█ █ █ █ █

Dropbox (Netdrive):
Nearly Maximum
10TB (large file uploading issues)
█ █ █

Amazon Drive (Netdrive):
20Mbps CAP
█ █

Amazon Drive (Built-In Mount)
11Mbps CAP


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As soon as too many people do that, cloud providers will forbid it.


I doubt it. There's no way that Google or Amazon are going to just ban certain files. Plus, the resources it uses may or may not be worth it. The few people who are dedicated to this and make it big will most likely go unnoticed.


Are you still mining with google drive? I'm plotting and uploading to gsuite unlimited, half a terabyte after a couple of days. Takes me a long time because the cpu is old (4400 nonces/second) and the hdd has only 70gb free for plots.

Network speeds are 100 up/down, most of the time BlagoMiner reads the plot at 2.5 to 3MB/s but I have seen it read at 20 or 30 MB/s, sometimes it works better with Netdrive and sometimes it goes faster with Google File Stream.


I don't mine Burst anymore at all. If you're considering trying more tests, I'd love to see your end results! :D

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