Getting a business going on Steem: 100 Steem Business Plan Competition!

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Hopefully you're leaving Steemfest and feeling just as pumped about the future of Steem as I am. Hundreds of people from all over the world are passionate Steemians that seem excited by the possibilities that are opening up in front of them. Not only does the Steem blockchain support a decentralized blogging platform that can distribute rewards for posting, but it also has the ability to host successful businesses.

I had a blast talking to content creators and developers this past week, but one of the groups I felt was missing was business people. Steem needs some savvy minds to work together to form teams of people to tackle problems out in the world. That's going to have to include business minded folks. Maybe you have what it takes to level up from dreamer to executor.

There's a lot of starry eyed devs I met that want free things to take over the world, but if I have a central takeaway from this post it would be: it's ok to charge money for a good product or service! Honestly, if you want your business to change the world it can't simply rely on a little bit of curation rewards or even a moderate amount of rewards with a Steemit delegation. You have to actually sell something that people want. You have to collect more money than you spend. You have to make an actual business.

If you want to change the world it's going to take some funds. Curation isn't going to scale well enough to help you significantly. You're going to have to earn it like everyone else in the world. Steem makes a lot of that easy, but there's some stuff you gotta do.

Turn Key

Steem is a turn key blockchain. You have a functioning blockchain that can store your data that other people pay for. You have a functioning community of 50,000 active steemians every day that come here and enter our marketplace. You have a fluctuating currency and a fairly stable currency. You need an idea, a plan, a team, and some execution and you can make it happen.


I'm incentivizing writing up some business plans with a 100 steem business plan competition. **Edit: @jackmiller is kicking in another 50 steem for the prize) . The prize is small but with it will come some good exposure, allies, devs, more money and some good exposure for what you want to do.

To compete you owe me a post with 5 sections in it. This has to be related to a business you would want to make on the Steem Blockchain.

  1. Problem: Describe to me the problem that you see out there. What challenge has been especially frustrating that you want to solve.
  2. Vision: Put together a vision of what the solution to the problem would look like
  3. Mission: Briefly describe how you'll go about doing business with the world. In this is a little bit of value, ethos, and some idea of what's at the heart of making your business successful.
  4. Plan: Tell me a handful of concrete steps that you can do in the next 3 months to start executing on vision.
  5. Budget and team: Try to work through some numbers to figure out what is the bare minimum amount of money to try to put in place the tiniest inkling of a business that can actually generate revenue. If you have team members in mind list them. If you know a position/role, but not the person to fill it just mention the role and give a brief description. If it requires some infrastructure try to scope it out.

Overall this should be a 1-2 page document. If it's more than that you're doing it wrong. Keep it concise.

Submissions should be made as a post and linked in the comments below. Submissions are due by post payout.
It's my contest and I'll judge it personally. I may bring in some other folks to review and if your business plan seems cool I may even try to network some on your behalf to make it a reality.

Key takeaway

If your business loses money it's just an expensive hobby. If it makes money it's a profitable entity with a chance to make some changes around us. Make sure that as you design this thing you show how it's going to make money.

Good luck. Let's get another Steem Monsters on the block!

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I love this post and the initiative. If we want to bring more business developers to Steem we need Steem inc. to have more of a presence at big blockchain conferences like the one I attended last week in Athens.

Decentralized 2018 took place from November 14-16, 2018 at the Divani Caravel Hotel.

This world-class summit featured 70+ speakers and 1,200+ attendees from over 50 countries, exchanging knowledge and ideas on the innovative business and political implications of blockchain technologies.

It was put on by the University of Nicosia which is the only University to offer degree programs on Blockchain technology.

If we could get @ned, @andrachy,
You and others there to speak at the conference and have a booth that would be great.

The guys from @oracle-d did a presentation in the main auditorium which I wrote about and it was great.

Let's get enrolled, get on the list of speakers and have a booth there!

Steem Monsters are profitable?


starter packs cost $10, booster packs cost $2. Someones getting all that green dough! Those are USD too not SBD.


Has potential to be a great game.


@aggroed and his team generated $800,000 USD in income during their first year (less than a year) by launching @steemmonsters so yes, it is profitable @bronevik.

@aggroed did a presentation about it in the first Steemfest 3 Live Stream.


Thanks for the numbers


That's great! I see that you really liked the proposal by @steemgg.

Love this idea and am excited to see the entries.. we need more projects like Steemmonsters ❤️


Already working on it ;)


Couldn't agree more @llfarms!

@aggroed here's my entry, it's a brief overlook on my future project without giving out my secrets lol Thanks for the Opportunity !

Sorry Aggy, I'm sure your intentions are good but this seems like a great way for people to steal your ideas. If you actually have a valid business idea, why would you publish it, especially before it's up and running?


Indeed. I think that is a valid concern. Intellectual property theft is a real thing.


That is a very good point.

I've had an idea that I have been letting simmer for awhile that I believe could be revolutionary (but who doesn't think that about their own great ideas, huh?) but there is no way I would post about it for that very reason. Heck, I'm thinking about putting on the tin foil hat just to prevent others from eavesdropping on my brainwaves. Google Skynet could be listening right now.

No, but seriously. I am going to make sure I have at least something established where it would be too much work for someone else to replicate. Maybe that's what people gotta do these days.

That is making ones project have intentional elements of complexity to throw off would-be intellectual thieves. Kind of like the same line of thinking against becoming victim of any enterprising criminal. That is making one's self or product a "hard target".


Agreed with @choogirl on this one.... How can we be so sure our ideas are safe from prying thieving eyes. If it's not someone scamming you for your gold dragon it's another scamming your idea's that have yet fruition... All for a lowzy 100 steem... @aggroed I can understand you would of walked out of steem fest feeling the itch... Heck I even heard some lost a voice like @coruscate in those walls... But yeah I don't know about throwing business ideas on the public blockchain..

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Voice is still recovering @neddykelly. LOL


Having a unique idea is not always a guarantee of success. Most of the benefit is in getting a head start. However, once others figure out what you are doing, it is possible for a well-organized team to duplicate and improve upon the idea much like Google did to Yahoo! in the search engine space. Furthermore, even if two ideas are in the same space, they may serve different tastes, like you see in photo hosting services. There simply has to be enough differentiation that matters to your customers.

I often see new entrepreneurs come up with nondisclosure agreements, fancy graphics, business, cards, websites, and business plans before they even make a dollar. In the end, they never focused on learning how to sell their product or service to demonstrate a viable business.

Intellectual property can be important. However, execution will ultimately be the deciding factor on a successful venture no matter how brilliant your idea is.


Sometimes the brand is already secured.. like the @crowdfunder business plan I submitted @choogirl.

And in that case, I cannot do it on my own but publishing it on @aggroed's contest might get the attention of investors or future co-founders that can help me get the idea off the ground.

The reward of 100 Steem + 50 Steem from @cryptoctopus can also help me get started!

And finally, there are also cases where a person has a really good idea but is incapable (or maybe unwilling) of doing it. In that case, it is better to submit the idea, help the community and win the prize money.

I have another good business idea that I'll submit to this contest soon, and if I start @crowdfunder I will continue to submit business ideas.


seems like the story goes, this is how he got the steem monsters idea @choogirl, digging around a little will turn up a few people that are disgruntled about that.

Why isn't anyone on Steemit selling it on Steem? Doesn't anyone have Paypal?

Great initiative. Look forward to seeing people contribute to this. Resteemed

There's a lot of starry eyed devs I met that want free things to take over the world, but if I have a central takeaway from this post it would be: it's ok to charge money for a good product or service! Honestly, if you want your business to change the world it can't simply rely on a little bit of curation rewards or even a moderate amount of rewards with a Steemit delegation. You have to actually sell something that people want. You have to collect more money than you spend. You have to make an actual business.

If you want to change the world it's going to take some funds. Curation isn't going to scale well enough to help you significantly. You're going to have to earn it like everyone else in the world. Steem makes a lot of that easy, but there's some stuff you gotta do.

This is key. Relying on rewards and having a bunch of speculators foot the bill isn't going to be able to take us very far. Generating fiat income streams are absolutely necessary to support the price of STEEM in the long run.

$rewarding 50% 12 min

This is a theoretical business plan that I put together. Mainly because it had been in my head for a while but also from seeing your post. I think it's worth a look and see if anybody can get some ideas from it. If nothing else it should be worth a discussion. I was looking to put it in writing anyway but this gave me the push to do it.

I haven't thought about the benefits of a STEEM business yet! Awesome ideas!


How's this take in money?


I added the missing part that a transfer memo can also be used.:

  • The service take 0.001 SBD/STEEM when using it via a transfer memo.
  • The service upvote comments with commands and earns the curation reward
    Both are tiny earnings but hopefully when the service grows they will summing up.

Thanks for connecting on here! My Gift To YOU

Love the spirit @aggroed! Was nice watching the Steemfest stream. Great presentations.

When it comes to SMTs and building new companies on the Steem blockchain, I would like to see an SMT that would blockchainize the ecommerce industry and bring p2p and b2c commerce onto Steem.

There sure is a way to have escrow, order shipping tracking and buyer/ seller review management all on one platform like Steem.

Check out what other blockchains like Cybermiles are doing.


We are building based on p2p trading model. Adding support for trading of goods and services is definitely in our roadmap.

@Aggroed G.E. Griffin ( who wrote "The Creature from Jekyll Island" )

Said essentially the same thing to me some years back...

Great Ideas NEED to Make Money... had an that idea could have transformed a significant portion of the country over time, starting on a foundational level... Mr. Griffin & I shared some conversations... (( He loved my idea )), but we were unable to find a feasible way to monetize this concept.

Mr. Griffin went on to form an independent political party... and I felt that our similar ideas needed to be politically neutral... oh well.

Aggroed, You have the extraordinary ability to take an idea and turn it into a economically viable product, as we've witnessed with a number of Your projects, here on Steemit. You have the uncanny ability to wisely choose the right people to form the Team and then execute the plan over time.

Let's touch base again in Discord, after the dust has settled. Am sure You've got a few things to catch up with when You get home.

Cheers 2 You, Yaba, the SteemMONSTERS Team + people/players involved !!

Resteemed. This is the perfect kick in the butt some of us need to bring our ideas to life. Thanks for being so inspirational <3


I'd love to see what steem business ideas pop up. Still can't figure out what I would like to do.


Anyone willing to invest in our project can fund our fundition campaign and will receive SWAP tokens according to their contribution. I am starting off with delegating my extra SP to @swapsteem. Let's make it a huge success.

Creating a post for my business which is already under Development. Meanwhile check and see the demo.

Totally agree that we need business minds.

I think this business can make money, especially once the IRS starts going after cryptocurrency traders: @aggroed @cryptoctopus

Great initiative to support the community and their ideas. Bringing entrepreneurs to the ecosystem is a great way to ensure that value is created over time and retention can be improved. Thanks to the @steemmonsters project, you have proven how flexible and scalable the blockchain truly is which could lead for some great businesses in the future. I look forward to seeing what can come from this!

Great initiative! Hope to see some interesting ideas!

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Here is my entry @aggroed. Thank you for holding this competition.

I like this idea very much, we need a lot of such projects, I'm excited for such projects, thank you

Great competition, am coming hard on this one!


How many can we submit.

Hi, @aggroed!

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Awesome initiative @aggroed.

I reserved the username @crowdfunder for a domain name I own, Crowdfunder XYZ.

And I am waiting for someone more business minded to get involved since I am more of an idealist. I like submitting ideas and talking about projects but I don't have what it takes to execute.

P.S. This competition could actually become permanent, weekly or monthly under the username @crowdfunder with the matching domain name. Let me know if anyone is interested.

Thank you!!

Excelente me gusta este proyecto. felicidades

This is a great idea and can't wait to see what people come up with. I got a few ideas myself and will make a post about it. Resteemed and upvoted.

Can we make multiple posts with different business ideas?

While this is not necessarily according to the guideline you have given, I have always thought you could use Steem to generate offshore investment on stable businesses.

My main idea is about solving the challenge of housing in Kenya. Many people live in unplanned developments that lack basic facilities like clean water, toilets, proper garbage disposal and play areas for children.

As we have seen before it is very easy for people to come together and back worthy ideas on Steemit like OCD and A Dollar A Day. What if we can fund low cost housing in countries that need it while completely bypassing government bureaucracy and at the same time promoting the value of the blockchain and Steem in the process.

That is the idea I am very passionate about. Hope it catches some eyes here. :)


Make a proposal and submit it! Sounds like you have some ideas in mind so far. Refine it and make it happen.

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Refreshing to see an initiative like this pop up on Steem.
I have found that Steemit relies so heavily on social networking (rather than skill and talent), which is massively time consuming and if it doesn’t offer genuine opportunities to earn money, then, concomitant to your statement about losing money (time is money), it is just an expensive hobby.

It’ll be great to see what comes of this idea.

What about small steem start-ups that are already hustling, and could use a boost?


post that and reap the rewards!

My entry to the contest:

An in-depth take on Steem's business Model beyond speculation with Introduction of @the1Ramp


Any news on this?

Hi @aggroed thanks for this oppertunity to get exposure for my business idea. Checkout my idea in the link below.

I have been coaching two friends of mine, on making an account, we just communicate online, for several times, making an account is really tedious, confusing, and disheartedly hard.

How can we onboard more people when making an account is a skill.

I have been promoting steem dapps. Teaching them how to make an account seems to be a great barrier to potential users/investors/business people.

Amazing idea, lets's keep the business plan rolling

I will pitch my idea here. Amazing contest 💪

Hey @aggroed, congratualtions on your first born! I can see how that's delaying the results on this contest. But can you indicate a timeline here? Would love to partner, but need to plan ahead for the Computer Classics Card Game. Thanks!

Hmm.. Steem Com? Devs/Biz/Creators
Further the brainstorming in person..

This is a fantastic initiative and incentive! I'm stoked to see Steem Monsters doing so well, and having more businesses on the blockchain only makes it stronger. Resteemed! Hope to see a lot of entries and successful businesses coming from the great minds on Steem!

that's a good post! :)

one of the groups I felt was missing was business people...

well, after all - it was about chilling out mostly, not really about the business. It's not a Davos :D

but yeah, you're right - business people are somehow absent or lacking...

Steemmonsters are great idea. but there is another simple one: just trivial STEEM coin Faucet.
some have tried to make it before. yet so far till now - there is non existing. while there are so many Faucets for various Crypto coins, from BTC to Doge and all in between (ETH, LTC, XMR). in fact, many folks (especially youth) has been introduced to Crypto through those Faucets.
STEEM certainly would benefit a lot from more publicity and getting known by wider auditory - if it has its own Faucet which would become widely popular. AND nobody can forbid - add in there some Links (or sort of Ads) to Steemmonsters, Steemit, etc.

I am really puzzled - why so far no one has made it. if STEEM is wished to be one of the most popular cryptos - then it is just very simple and easy way to make it known to wide masses. yes, it is not a big business - but as was mentioned above, it could be used to promote whatever STEEM based / related Apps, etc. it IS helpful for that "mass adoption"!

will post few more ideas shortly (although I'm not a Dev, nor a businessman - I'll just post the link in here, not as an entry, just as sharing ideas)

oh, BTW forgot to mention: I liked the new idea presented by @dstors !
waiting for them to launch.

Great idea... Always good to see positive initiatives / solutions

I just finish posting my business plan. Here's the link:

You got a 90.97% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @aggroed!

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Here is my business idea. Thank you for getting the wheels turning on this one.

I think you might want to be more clear about the purpose of this business, which I'm assuming is to bring people to the Steem blockchain and give them a sip of your Kool Aid.

Otherwise just start a bid bot like everyone else and call it a day.


Capital Formation is one of the great missing links on the blockchain and good for you for identifying it.

I have a business idea (that could have near instant, and dramatic, results for the blockchain as a whole)... in addition to a general Capital Formation Model designed for the realities of the blockchain (I spent 20 years in structured finance and ran two hedge funds, one of them a currency-trading fund).

That said, I would not even entertain the idea of publishing my plans in public and I think many other serious-minded business people would have similar misgivings. Perhaps an alternative submission route via email?

There are lots of big-talking dreamers on the blockchain and I could be one. I understand you're mates with @cryptogee. So am I. If your interested, contact him for a reference.

In any event, good initiative. This is the kind of realistic, real-world thinking we need. Ideology doesn't pay the rent.


Wow,steemit will be going better and th best platform.I love this news Sir.

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I love the idea of this competition. Gonna have to do a reread and get my thoughts and ideas together quickly if I want to participate before the time is up on that in a couple of days, but I’m happy to be commenting and expressing my interest for now.

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Thank you so much for your upvote!

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Hi aggroed thanks for running this competition here is my idea. It is a business to make business

Wonderful initiative, is there a deadline for submission, it may take some time to come up with a draft of a mini business plan. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity.

What a great idea @aggroed ! I cant wait to see the entries and future business ideas for the blockchain that comes out of this! I have been watching some of the video from day one and two so far and thought you did an awesome job on day one GO STEEM MONSTERS! I wish I was there and I am really excited more then ever for the future of steemit and the SMTs !👍✌💕💁
upped and resteemed!

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