Webpage Evaluation: nau.edu/ihd

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Evaluator's Name: David Lee Rickman II

Date of Evaluation: 11/19/2018

Web Site (URL): nau.edu/ihd

Sponsoring Organization/Agency: Institute for Human Development

Primary Focus of Web Site: (e.g. factual information, opinion, links to other sites):

Information about program and resources dealing with disability and assistive technology education.

Point of View Expressed:

Mission statement: "Promote full inclusion by advancing attitudes that value persons with disabilities and enhancing access to all aspects of the human experience."

Date of Development (Currency):

Copyright date on website is 2018.

Contact Information Provided:

e-mail: ihd@nau.edu

Phone: (928) 523-5590

Fax: (928) 523-9127

Knowledge of Literature (References, Bibliography, Other Sources Cited):

All the sources cited are the program's own material.

Accuracy (Does Information appear accurate? Any Bias or One-Sided Viewpoints Noted?):

This is an educational (.edu) site through Northern Arizona University therefore I assume the information is accurate.

Conclusions: Do You Feel This Site is a Valuable Resource? Justify Your Answer.

Because of this site's target audience the people who would primarily find this site useful are potential students.

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