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  1. Be ready for business,
  2. Make a fabulous product,
  3. Give out free gifts,
  4. Customers guidance,
  5. Minimize price,
  6. First impression matters,
  7. Changes


Yes you have setup the business, the question is: are you really ready for business?
Yes you have created your business page on Facebook, the question is: are you really ready for frequent updating? many people clicks to your Facebook page seeing that your last post was some months ago and gets discouraged,"is this business still existing" comes to their mind.

Why starting up a business when you are not ready to broadcast news about your business? People think its all about making one of the most wanted products in town, if you don't keep reminding your customers about the product, they are likely to fall into the hands of another marketer, who has frequently brain washed them to come for he's.

Fixing the problem of not getting ready before going into business, will definitely solve greater problems in marketing.


What is the need of advertising everywhere, when your product can't stand a quality comparison with others?
What need is it to keep spending cash promoting your product? when you know that your product doesn't have good quality/qualities.

Ofcourse you are now ready for business, but what kind of product are you producing or intending to produce.

Lets say you spent $5 in product promotion, with your product price being $8, and a production cost of $6, finally two customers got your advert and was convinced to buy your product, then you sold two product making $16, subtracting your promotion cost, and production cost from your sell, your earning becomes -$1, which is a lost.

The lost isn't a problem, the issue is; will those customers come back to buy again, does your product worth it? That's where the problem raises.

Your first lost becomes great, if and only if those customers keeps coming without seeing any other advert, that will wrap off the initial lost.

Even if you made profit initially and your product wasn't good enough to bring those customers back, then the marketer that lost initially which had his customers back is far better.

Always remember that making an extremely good (quality) products keeps your market moving, and save lots of promotion costs.


We are in a generation that loves free gifts, yes you are ready for business, you have a fabulous product, but how will people be moved to test this your fabulous product, unless you move people to test your product they won't know the qualities, irrespective of all you advertisements.

Just because of free gifts, many people have tried different products and got disappointed in most, but they won't get disappoint in your because you have a fabulous product.

All you need is to get them to test your product with the aid of free gift, then your fabulous product settles the whole case.


This is a great aspect, it really plays a very vital role in marketing, you are ready for business, you have a fabulous product, you have sold you products because of the free gifts you offered.

Now you need to provide a proper and adequate guidance to your customers, they will be really happy and eager to come and buy again, knowing that you are always there to guide them at no cost.


Of what use is it that you have a fabulous product with free gift, and yet your high price is restricting people from buying.

Minimizing your product promotes it better irrespective of the economy, why won't they buy and also advice their friends and relatives to buy your product? When it has high quality with low price.

That makes advertising/promotion cost become less, because you gets most promotion indirectly free from customers.


The first impression your customers gets from your product matters, because it determines if he/she should continue with you or not.

This is one of the most important reasons you should make your product fabulous, your customer will surely come back because, the impression they got from your product satisfies them.

The second impression doesn't matter much (though it do matters) because,to them, any error at the second time is regarded as a mistake.


Changes must occur and that is certain, but don't make any changes in your product without the concept of your customers, allow them to say their mind on the changes they need, then stick to that.

Remember all the processes, don't omit any, every single one of them is as important as the other, give all equal force then success is assured.

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