Entrepreneur or Wantrepreneur

3년 전

In a rapidly changing world, where we are surrounded by technology, tech startups, crypto currencies are in trend.
Because of these success stories everyone wants to be entrepreneur, but wait….. Does everyone have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?
There are some entrepreneurs and other are just wantrepreneurs, but what the difference is.
It can be.
Primary goals
Primary goals matters, such as WHY you are doing this, entrepreneurs want to solve the big problems and money is a by-product.
On the other hand wantrepreneurs main goals are motivated by material things, money is main focus.
Giving up
The mental capacity to going on makes an entrepreneur, they refuse to give up, that’s what’s the major difference is.
Wantrepreneurs have lots of excuses as to why they can't make their business work. Entrepreneurs don't have excuses .You know you're an entrepreneur if you can recognize your weaknesses, admit your failings and then find a way from them. Entrepreneurs know how to partner and outsource to keep the business going. Wantrepreneurs do not.

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