Lack of finance related dissusion(Other than Crypto)

4년 전

After reading through endless articles on Bitcoin, altcoins, and even food, I realized that there are no discussions about other financial instruments. While I fundamentally believe in Bitcoin and blockchain technology, I realize that these days, many people neglect common, standard investment techniques. I can understand that waiting for the 2000X Altcoin may seem like a much profitable venture, It is important to diversify, you don’t want to lose 90% of your money from a Pump and Dump group, stocks are much safer and still payout. Even the famous founders, coders, and even youtubers admit to diversifying in stocks, bonds, etc. Besides just diversifying, the fundamental analysing skills you gain can also be applied to bitcoin. The best "Crypto youtubers" and the best bloggers, all use fundamental or even technical analysis to analysis cryptocurrencies. Even if you are below the age, you can open custodial accounts, and even if you don't have a lot of money to invest or don't want to, many brokers provide fractional share holding, similar to holding satoshi. I highly recommend starting to learn and experimenting.
If you do want to start, just look for an online broker or one near you.

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