Comprehensive Guide On Hydrogen Tokens [ Hydro Project]

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Hydrogen is a new currency that has brought a change in the way ordinary banks operate. Hydrogen tokens are under the hydro project. Hydro aim at providing good actor, incentivize engagement and user validation. Hydrogen investment allows you to invest in different software. Hydrogen currency stands at a marketcap of $7,217,755 and a volume of $3,136,803 USD. Hydrogen is built on the basis of hybria blockchain model which is used to verify the identities of the user, creating security keys and a security layer which will help to safeguard user’s data. Hybria blockchain is divided to both public and private projects. Public project allows users to operate transparently and enjoy the protection of the private chain to ensuring the security of your wallet.
Feature of hydrogen
Hydrogen is divided into various categories that is;
hydrogen atom is a platform with REST APIs and its considered very powerful due to its integration with modules which are used for fintech.
Nucleus API
nucleus help to provide digital infrastructure which anchors to fintech application system. However it dived into
Authentication- it give clients permissions to access by having either a multiple or a single authentication factor.
Client onboarding- used for encrypting clients information, configure and store data.
Accounts- used for creating and managing client account.
Performance- used for giving performance report
Orders- used for executing trades permission, create and making tracks
Questionnaires- used to configure client questionnaires and contrasting decision tree.
Proton API
It is used for financial engineering and forming business logics.
Risk scoring- used for creating multi or single dimension risk for client
Goal tracking- provides status of your goal and provide recommendations
Personal finance- keeps tracks of your budget, analyze cash flows and evaluate the net worth
Electrons API
It is designed to give the admin functionality and enhance the fintech application . these include system support such as Marketing, Documentation, Billing
How to acquire Hydrogen Token
If you will to invest in hydrogen you can buy hydrogen in small exchanges but note the trade volume is more excellent. Major hydrogen token are for sale purposes. You can also earn by becoming a member of the Hydro Community Development Program where you can contribute through new project and also engage in coding in which you will earn free hydrogen tokens.
How to store Your Hydrogen Tokens
Hydrogen provides you with two optional wallet on ethereum
Typical Ethereum address- this is not very secure to store your funds as the wallet is prone to phishing attacks . Incase attacks identifies your secret code they will have access to your funds.
Multi-sig wallet- this wallet requires you to input several Ethereum addresses in order to perform a single transaction. This wallet is a more secure wallet are attackers do not have direct access to your wallet.
How to Withdraw Your Tokens
You have to create a Ethereum wallet where you can send your token and perform transaction to your relevant currency.
Hydrogen partners
The key partners are the financial institutions who declared to be part of the hydrogen platform. They include banks, investment companies and insurance companies.

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