What is Dogecoin ? [ Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand Dogecoin]

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Dogecoin is a form of crypto currency which follows under the altcoins.Dogecoin was introduced and launched in December 2013 with a Japanee dog as the logo.This currency was founded by Billy markus and Jackson Palmer.
It is currently among the top 25 currencies in the crypto market ranking. it has a market cap of USD240,489,832. Its evident that dogecoin has an impressive growth over a short period of year. this shows with time dogecoin will have a big growth over other currencies.
Dogecoin is much decentralized and it operates through the use of peer to peer system to carry out it is activities. dogein operates by use of password key which helps to necessitate payment to everyone in the entire world. Dagecoin has the fastest growth in the cryptocurrency market. It is also not affected by world market inflation.currency and it has no limit in the number of coins produced. Dogecoin make it easy for people who are willing to buy by making it easy accessible and have low entry berries.

Uses of Dogecoin
Dogecoin is highly used by traders for exchange services in the crypto currency market. The trader prefer it due to its low cost of transaction, its fast and been stable in the exchange market.Dogecoin is also used for withdraw of of bitcoin this is by converting bitcoin into dogecoin before making withdraws. Most people prefer to withdraw in form of dogecoin due to low transaction fee.
Dagecoin has a shapeshift API built-in this has made it has been used to pay for a wide variety of goods and services. Dogecoins also used in market speculation because of its low price of exchange unit.
Benefits of Investing in Dogecoin
It's not a hype sensitive form of crypto currency-Dogecoin price over many has never been affected by the media hype. Dogecoin Have increased usability to users this have been supported by its audience who provide informative content.
A good future growth-dogecoin has managed to be in the 24th last year on coinmarketcap and with a market capitalization of USD 279. Dogecoin Growth has been very high over a short period of time compared to other currencies.
Easy tipping and small payment- dogecoin has a very friendly community unlike other crypto currencies dogecoin supports small payments.

Features of Dogecoin
Dagecoin has a feature that makes it stand out other currencies in the crypto market. This feature has made Dogecoin to manage achieving its goal over since it was founded in 2013. It has low cost of exchange fee and easy to acquire. Dagecoin has a friendly community that helps the customer to be in a position to engage in the crypto currency.
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