What is EOS [ A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Understand EOS]

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Maybe you have come across articles guiding you to EOS, I decided to write this article so you can understand the importance and the benefit of being a part of this big investment. First I would like to take through so you can understand what is EOS and acquire general knowledge of EOS before investing. EOS can be described as cryptocurrency and also a Blockchain. This Blockchain works as an operating system similar to Ethereum platform but a key difference is that EOS is designed to handle large applications. Furthermore, the transaction fee of EOS is free. EOS transaction fee is covered by inflation.
EOS has been ranked position 8 in the crypto market. It is currently at a market price of $3.31 USD, a market cap of $3,103,075,749USD and a volume of $ 2,298,464,233 USD per 24 hours. EOS has a market circulation supply of about 938,180,861 EOS. Moreover, EOS has managed to retain its position in the latest ranking. In this year the value of EOS is expected to be high by the end of this year and by the year 2023 is expected to rise to$911.
EOS Market Prediction

EOS Market Analysis

Why EOS Should be You Choose
It is well funded- EOS is well funded to ensure continued development and to support it. EOS will not take any finance from users to fund development. The development of EOS is covered by the inflation cost.
High EOS makes you a Digital key holder- each EOS holder will get a reward token when the shared resource is utilized at any time. The reward is fairly distributed to the holders of EOS token depending on the amount of token that you hold. In feature all markets will be required to rent the EOS resource, therefore, more revenue will be awarded to holders of EOS.
Eos form a very promising investment plan in modern investment. Services provided by this platform such as scalability, friendliness, and dApp web assembly tool make the EOS to gradually grow and become a greater investment platform.
Airdrops for EOS holders - many Blockchains have offered users with airdrops to attract attraction from users. however, the intention is different from EOS. When you buy EOS consequently you may receive a token of major from the platform for free this giving you a chance to earn more tokens in the coming future.

How Buy IOS
You can simply buy EOS to token by use of other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, WAVES, DODGE or use of USD. You will just have to open a platform account where you can exchange your currency with EOS using an exchange wallet that supports EOS. However, EOS has an added advantage such had can be transferred to another wallet for storage. You can transfer EOS to a wallet of you choose but the wallet must be ERC-20 compatible. Also, you can store them in computer hardware wallets but it's worth noting that when using a hardware wallet, you will need to sync with MyEtherWallet.

EOS might overtake the use of Ethereum and emerge as the first decentralized application. This is a promising investment that you should not miss to invest in.

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