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Getting an extra income doesn't hurt.. Everyone loves the idea of getting an income on the side aside from their regular income. Some people have skills that are not related to their jobs while others developed skills on their job. While most people on a 9-5 job admire the idea of working on their own, they consider it a risk, considering the failure of so many start ups. But truth be told, life is becoming difficult with the current Economic situations and suddenly most people are not able to afford the things they used to or the things they wish to.. The best option is to turn your skills into a side hustle, you definitely have a skill or a knowledge that people are willing to pay for.. Most people have been able to build successful business through their skills, they became successful on their side hustles that they had to quit their day jobs.. Here's how you can turn your skills into a side hustle..

Decide What Skill You Want To Monetize

You might be good in a number of things, so decide first which skill you will like to monetize and canvass the market to know the demands for them and how much people pay for it. You can find the necessary information you need on the internet, simply search for people doing the same thing and how much they pet paid for it, this will give you an idea of how much you will bill your clients..

Be A Freelancer

Whatever skills you decide to monetize, be it writing, marketer, developer, you can decide to start a apart time business with it and earn extra cash.. Start looking out for freelance clients and if you are good at what you do, you will find always get jobs..

Start Blogging

You need to build a social media presence by constantly sharing contents on your niche and your skills.. Whatever your skill may be, there is are people looking for information on it, so high quality contents often.

Soon you will be able to build a huge follower ship, this will make people pay you to advertise.. It enables you to partner with companies and brands to advertise their brands.. It may take time but it eventually pays up, you may end up earning hundreds and thousands a week just by advertising..

Build A website

When people hear about you, the first thing they do is to search the internet to research about you and if you don't have a website, you could lose serious clients.. It may be a side hustle but then you have to stand out.. Create a super dope portfolio about yourself and skills and put in your website, add your job experiences and other freelance jobs you've done.. Upload reviews of satisfied customers as well..

Start Coaching Online

Platforms like myQuest and already have an audience looking to learn various skills, you can sign up and start coaching people on your skill.. You can be a trainer or a consultant, other people are looking to tap into your skills, so coach them and earn a few bucks..

Start an Online Course

So many people are looking for courses of interest to take online.. Similar to coaching you can compile your knowledge in to a Course and people pay for it.. Platforms like Udemy enable people to sell their courses. People can always read those courses at their leisure time. Online courses will earn you passive income and it will continue for months or even years if they are good enough. The only stress you will go through is writing those courses and once you put it out their, it just earns you money while you focus on your day job..

Sell A Product

If you are skilled in making home made products or any type of product, you can do them at your leisure or weekends and sell them.. There are tons of ways you can sell your product, you can partner with a store owner or you can sell online.. Which is why it is good to have a good social media presence, it makes it easier to sell your products from anywhere..

Remember that in doing a side hustle, make sure you are able to balance it with your regular job.. It will be rude to your employer to do your side hustle during work hours.. And if you want to freelance the same skill you do at work, make sure you check in with your employer so as not to breach your contract.. For example if you are writer in your company and you want to start writing on your own, work it out with your employer first.. It might be challenging to have a regular job and a side hustle but then, it is not impossible.. So use your skills today..

Thanks for reading..



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