3 Ways to Make Money Online From Your Blog or Website

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If you ever consider starting a blog then this post is for you.

1. Advertisements
This is the most common way to make money online through your digital content. You’ve definitely seen ads on all your favorite websites, and Noahansa.com is no different from the rest.

If you come to the homepage, you might see an ad for Sprint. On this story page, you have probably already seen one for Dell -- if you haven’t, and you don’t have an ad blocker on, you probably will. You might also see the ads that play before some of our videos.

Now, no one loves having ads as part of their digital experience, but ads can provide value for your business partner in reaching a desired audience, as well as help you make money.

If you want to make money through online advertisements, you need to decide what the right balance is for you, your business and your audience. What combination of ads can provide the most financial reward for your partner while maintaining a positive user experience?

Make it a point to learn about different types of advertisements you can use on your website. For example, video ads tend to convert at a higher rate than many advertisements placed on the side of a story, where readers can just ignore them.

But, making video ads also means that you need to have video content, and it has to be good enough and long enough to make it worth your audience’s while. If you make viewers watch a 30-second ad, and you give them 15 seconds of bad content, you won’t have many repeat viewers.

By contrast, banner ads or ad boxes within online content usually convert at lower rates, because readers can just scroll past them, but you can put several of them on a page without affecting your audience’s experience too much.

In fact, if you’re clever, you can actually improve the user experience while serving ads. IMDB is a good example of this: If you go to the movie reviewing website’s page for new movies.

*2. Native advertisements
Native advertisements are less intrusive than banner or video ads. In fact, if not for the fact that all native or sponsored ads legally must be labeled as such, your audience should barely be able to tell the difference between native ad content and editorial content.

For example, here is a native ad on our site. It has a headline and a hero image, like a typical story does. It can even live beside other stories on the homepage. Plus, the ad is formatted to tell a story or relate information about investing in an interesting way. When audience members read the native ad, they, at least, should come away more educated on an important topic.

However, it’s also clear that this story was not written by an Entrepreneur.com staff member or contributor, because the story is marked as “Sponsored Content” at the top of the page. Also, the author is just the name of the company that paid for the advertisement --in this case, Morgan Stanley.

One key to successful native advertising is to make sure the sponsored content actually fits your site. Finding partners who actually complement your site and what you want to do can provide value to your readers and partners at the same time.

You can often see these sorts of native advertisement labels on Instagram posts or tweets from social media influencers. You might see a hashtag “#sponsored” or some other label to show the source of the native advertisement.

  1. Content partnerships
    A typical advertisement is where a business partner pays for space on your site. A native advertisement is similar, but you have more agency on the content -- sometimes, brands even want you to write the native ad yourself, to make sure it fits with your platform.

In either case, these advertisements involve a business paying you to display content they want to see. Sometimes, though, you can create content partnerships who will fund the sort of content you want to put on your site

Sprint Business understood that vision and partnered with Noahansa.com to create the show. As a result, Elevator Pitch had enough funding to make a first season -- and then a second and a third -- so Noahansa.com could create the valuable content its audience wanted, and its content partner, Sprint, earned prominent placement within the show. The Sprint logo appears prominently within each episode, as well as, in the beginning credits.

The ideal content partnership is one where the business partner is able to be part of the content without disrupting or directing the editorial vision. Again, it’s all about finding a balance so everyone wins.

You can use these three strategies to make money online yourself, but remember: No brand is going to be interested in you unless you have an audience. So, with whatever you choose to do, make sure you don’t alienate the people who love you. They might not be writing the checks, but they’re the ones who make you valuable.


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