a Business that feels like your favourite outfit

2년 전

Hello there. I'm Pascale. Not sure if we have met before.
Let's get to know each other.
I believe a business should feel like your favourite outfit.

What does it mean? Imagine wearing your fav outfit. It doesn't itch, it doesn't feel tight, you're not scared to move and live in it. You're happy wearing it because it's comfy, you feel like yourself in it, you know it's flattering for you. In a nutshell. It suits YOU.

When we start our business, we too often try to follow other people's recipes, follow their recipe, use their tools or try to at least.
The dream of running your own business reveals to be time-consuming, overwhelming with an ever-growing list of things to learn. And the learning curve is really steep.
Really not what you had in mind, I bet.

You are your own boss, you can create the business that fits YOU, with the tools that are right for YOU, you can delegate what is not your zone of genius (a VA can help, sometimes an app can take care of it), or learn with people who speak your language and make learning easy.

I have had to give myself a reminder lately. It's worth it. Believe me, what I am building now feels SO MUCH MORE ALIGNED. Even my joy is back. Can you feel it?

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