Going with the flow and unexpected advice from a 7year old.

2년 전

The last 2 weeks, I was supposed to finish recording videos and send video feedback on the CV my lovely students sent me.
That didn't happen.

Between the girls of the friend I'm staying with that were on holidays (and how can I say... energetic! ), the roadwork in the street, the dog next door that was screaming like the devil was holding its legs... The house hasn't been "recording" friendly.

All the noise and being with Tiny Humans that much also meant I was drained (any introvert can relate?).

I have also made a few discoveries lately that made me dive into lots of reading and introspection, I had to digest all of this and taking this on as an experiment. I may share this if the woo side of life and business interests you.

So I had to go with the flow, do work in silence with my earphones on (I gave my site a full make-over as I wanted to do that since the start) and wait for better days patiently. I'm catching up slowly.

As I was thinking of my clients, while taking care of the girls for my friend (single Mums out there, props to you. What a job!), something came to me.

If I couldn't do actual client work, maybe I could take a fresh look on the business from one of the girls because weird as it's sound knowing she's 7years old, she's a bit of an expert when it comes to confidence and connecting.
The eldest is like many of us, shy and concerned about what people think.
The youngest? She jumps into life like the world is her Oyster. Like she can only receive goodness. She makes friend with anyone in minutes. Everyone is a friend she hasn't met yet.
So I had to ask her: how do you make friends?
That made her pause. "I arrive and I just...sit with them"

**When you see networking as building relationships (aka making friends in 7years old lingo), "sitting with them" sounds appropriate.

Sit with them and see the world from where they are.
Sit with them and listen to what they need.
Sit with them where they hang out on social media.**

I would love to hear your thoughts about my musing and her insight.

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