Why Written Agreements Are Important In Businesses!

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If you are running a business, then it is important for you to build healthy relationships with various people like dealers, equipment leasing companies, clients, building owners, employees, and workers, etc. and dealing with such parties need to be dignified. Small business issues may be settled upon verbal meetings and understanding, but it is important to put down important matters on papers and documents in the form of an enterprise agreement. It is a legal business agreement and serves as a guide to the parties associated. So if you want to prevent any issues relating to your firm in the future, then you should need to get the service of a professional lawyer for writing up enterprise agreements for your business.


The basic concept of every business agreement is the joint benefit that the business relationship is expected to bring to the other parties of the contract. In the written business agreements both contracting parties are secured and protected and always have peace of mind because they know that in case of any disagreement and confusion the contract will speak for itself with regards to the rights of each party. You can also make a service agreement with your employees to secure your rights as an employer.

A service contract between employer and employee is the proof that the employee is known with the terms and conditions of the employment. An employee cannot leave the job without prior notice given to the employer and also not capable of leaving the job before completion of one year. A well-written service contract between employer and employee can also lessen the possibilities of having misunderstandings and confusion between the involved parties. It is also important for both parties to go through the agreement thoroughly before signing it because it will serve as a promise by the employer to respect and attend to the welfare of his employee.


Getting services of an expert lawyer for writing enterprise agreements is also important if you want to start a business in partnership. In a business partnership contract, the lawyer will make sure that each partner’s financial share is stated in the agreement. A business partnership agreement will define role and responsibility of each partner in written format to prevent any misunderstanding in the future. It will also involve the terms and conditions for partners to enter and exit from the business legally.


A written business agreement is beneficial for every business because it reduces the risk of any unlawful disputes between the parties and also protects the owners from lawsuits. The legal business agreement can protect both parties as it secures the rights of parties. A contract or agreement must need to be in writing and also need reviewing by each party. These days, many business organizations are signing employment agreements with their employees at the time of hiring to protect the rights of the employer as well as employees. These agreements are essential for the smooth running of business operations without any disputes.

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Absolutely ...A written agreement is always better because we never know, the words of the other person may change and so to prevent disloyalty this is the best choice.


well said... @steemitland (55), a person should never take a chance.