Funny poetry

3년 전

I love you so much
that I believe I die
you are so charming
oh, my dear, how I adore you.
When I go to bed with you
I feel very magulite
because he looks everybody at me
oh, I am, happy.
Everything would be so good ...
but you see, it's not like that
because I tell what I feel in me
but you smile and smile in one
And I think they say like a trash.
Please do not make the madman
and look in my eyes.
Understand? I love you dear
how do you want me to talk to you again?
you are all for me
and I want to meet you.
But it's difficult, you see well
because your mother is in the phase
and five to five minutes
carefully controls us
Maybe I get to you
as in Shakespeare, "Juliet"
I "Romeo" love you
give me the staircase from the boschet.

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