Love is a choice

3년 전

Love is a choice.

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How we speak to each other in times of hurt truly lies in the our nature mood at that particular time.

We are created to make choices, either to love or to hate.

When we make some odd choices, that we are not proud of, they might be justified at the moment but past poor choices don't mean it should be repeated in the future.

Love doesn't erase poor choices, neither does it erase the past, but it makes the future beautifully different.

When we choose to love regardless, it automatically creates the ability to settle dispute.

It helps settle our emotional need, it makes you feel you are appreciated and admired.
When you choose to love, you can conquer the world.

Love is a choice.


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When you love you can conquer the universe :)


Sure you can, love makes the world go round 😊

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Awww.. see my baby writing so beautifully. You didn't use the Bigwaves tag, sadly...lemme go find something else to use to kiss this post. Well done darling


Awwwn thank you so much maama😍😍😍 it didnt cross my mind to use it, I was just pouring out my heart here.