If You Are A Beginner Then You Must Use Dlike.

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If you are tired of spending your whole day to write a good content and in return, it does not even earn you a single penny because you are a beginner then don't worry, today I will talk about an application which is like a great help to all the beginners. Now they don't have to give their full day to study and write about anything. They can do simple work just copy and paste the URL that they want to publish, But how? everyone knows that copying of content on steemit is not allowed then how we can copy and paste any other URL, but It's possible because of dlike.

dlike - dlike.io


Dlike is an application where you can copy and paste any URL from the internet or from any other social media platform and share it on steemit and monetize the content. So If you are a beginner then instead of working hard to write good content on steemit just simply use the application dlike and once your Reputation and Steem power gets increased, Start writing your own content so the people would appreciate your work and it would reach to larger numbers.

Note- You cannot use bidbots on dlike.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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