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I thought that guy was a giant marionette!
Nice smiles, but this is a spammy post. Most of your posts are considered spam here on Steem. Steem is not a photo dump type of community because we all share the rewards pool. Right? Upvotes take from the community reward pool, therefore we want to share it. Many of our neighbors will not agree with the 3.00 value on this post.

Why are you there? Where are you? Who are you with? What did you do that was fun? What did you eat? Would you eat it again?

Tell us about something and add quality and content to your post. This is not Instagram.

Flag for spam. Let us know if we can help. @steemflagrewards

Photo Sep 15, 9 42 37 AM.gif


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @kingsofa.

  • spam
    You are repetitively posting the same content or recyling contents after a period of time.

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