How to keep your cryptocurrencies safer?

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In recent news we have seen cases of people stealing their cryptocurrencies and being harmed, being deceived into false promises, scammed by Twitter and various media. For this reason we decided to make from CryptoTendence a brief guide on how you can take care of your cryptocurrencies. To make it more comfortable, it was divided into 2 themes ...


Your device
1- Keep it Protected

It is mandatory to have a good antivirus on the device that you have your cryptocurrencies, be it the computer or mobile device. In addition, you must keep it updated, because viruses are evolving and are becoming more dangerous.

2- Security Review

Even with the updated antivirus, it is recommended that once a month you perform a security scan of the device, so that you can search among hidden files that you managed to cross the first time. During the process, it is urged not to perform other processes, because they can hinder the analysis.

3- Backup copies

This is essential for people who have purses that are not hosted on online servers, allowing them to make a backup of their information and, it works as an additional step that people should steal, making it difficult for them to take away your cryptocurrencies. The ideal is to have the copy in a physical device, whose only function will be to have this information, for nothing else.

Your work
1- Investigate

It is essential that you stay informed about the events in the world, reading which are the new trends in the topic of cryptocurrency theft, in this way, you can prepare yourself so that it does not happen to you. That is why it is recommended that you follow news pages such as CryptoTendence.🙂

2- Distrust

It is just like the phrase: "better safe than sorry" ; For this reason, you must possess this attitude every time you work on a subject related to cryptocurrencies. For this reason you should be especially careful with the exchange sites when making a transaction, since you do not know who the counterparty is.

Also, remember that nothing in life is free, so when you find offers for free cryptocurrencies, try to use or receive them in a purse other than the main one, without risking all of your assets. As last, although many will say that it is logical, it is worth remembering it: never give more information than necessary when you are going to interact.

3- Various Portfolios

As you can see, we recommend using a purse as Principal , indicating that it is advisable to have more than one. This way, if one gets to be compromised, you will not lose all your cryptocurrencies. It is important to note that you should never use the same password, it is even better if you use 8 to 12 digit codes, complicating the thieves.

4- Anonymity

You can also observe in point 3 the clue that you should remain anonymous, since nobody needs to know who you are and, if they say otherwise, they want to steal you. By keeping your position hidden, you complicate the intruders from getting the necessary information to harm you. With this point, one way to reflect it is that the user names do not use your real name.


5- Beware of websites

This is related to point 2, but we wanted to make a special section, because many of the thefts or damages are caused by this method. What they do is place a malware on the website so that when you access it, lock your device to proceed to find information or steal directly. Even the best antivirus can not stop these types of attacks.

To protect you it is advisable to suspect as much as possible, being preferable to use familiar pages or recommended by professionals.

6- Manage your passwords

Although it may seem tedious, it is advisable to change your passwords every so often, the preferred time being every 3 to 6 months. These new passwords can not be similar or linked to the previous ones, you should consider it as a password of your bank account.

7- Use double authentication

Related to the previous point, if a service offers you the possibility of using a double authentication method do not hesitate to use it. These methods have proven effective in most cases, the association being the most efficient tool through text message.

If you follow these tips, your cryptocurrencies will be more secure.

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