The Blockchain is attacked, the next target is the Ledgers

3년 전

Undoubtedly we know that Blockchian technology can be safe, but is all software equally safe? In many cases no, this is why attacks have occurred and cyber attacks will continue due to vulnerabilities on the side of the Internet. software, which is not the Blockchian itself, from wallets to smart contracts.

Securing the Blockchain ecosystem is the most challenging cybersecurity problem of the moment. The whole chain of blocks itself could be impenetrable, but that does not mean that all the pieces that intersect with it, such as purses, Exchange, intelligent contracts, miners and the list goes on; be safe

And many are not, according to a study conducted by Carbon Black, hackers have stolen $ 1.1 million in cryptocurrencies, only in the first half of this year.

Although the threat is mainly limited to the public Blockchain for the time being, the space of the company will be the next target of these criminals, the Ledgers distributed will be the following.

There is so much money to be made pointing to the public chain of blocks, that the Ledgers at the moment is a territory unexplored by computer hackers. The weaknesses of the chain of business blocks will be known and exploited, thanks to the vulnerabilities found in the public.

New technologies bring new threats and a new learning curve for security. With any other technology it would take a while for risks to emerge and then an understanding of how to approach and destroy them.

The technological world went through the same curve with WiFi, there are immense resources assigned to understand the vulnerabilities of the IoT. We are currently in the early stages of learning in regards to the security of the Blockchain.

And we certainly need to learn fast, because the goal is really attractive, there is a large amount of money involved, and a correspondingly large amount of money at stake, in emerging attacks.

Part of the reason why it is such an attractive goal, is because in this new scenario cyber attacks can eliminate a step to reach the "pay day". Since unlike other criminals who steal information, they simply steal the money.

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