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Good day to all of you fellow Steemians and Uloggers! Today I would like to share with you this awesome giveaway being conducted by @coingecko in partnership with IOST.

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This giveaway will start today May 22, 2019 and will run for 15 days. 16 lucky winners will win a total of 28,000 IOST. But that is not all they will also conduct free account creation via IOSTABC account creation site and will be airdropping 200,000 IOST to users who are trying out IOST Dapps of this ultra-fast blockchain.

How To Join?

It is quite easy to join you just have to have a twitter account and refer friends to get more chances on winning this awesome contest. All you have to do is go this site: https://wn.nr/z4TnGv

This is like free lottery guys and a chance to discover one of the fastest growing new blockchain in the crypto space.


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Note: The IOST giveaway will be distributed through the mainnet of IOST. Typically account creation cost resources and thus entails some sort of investment similar to the creation of EOS accounts. However as part of this initiative there is an existing free account creation tool being hosted by the generous people at IOSTABC which you can access here.

If you like this type of content please don't forget to follow to get updated on the latest crypto giveaway and contests I join. If you like sharing this free opportunities to others please do resteem my my blog-post I would really appreciate it.

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All the best in winning the giveaway!


Thank you so much!

Done registering under your link. I have already shared mine on publish0x! I agree with the fastest growing blockchain in the crypto-sphere!