[Manual Curation 101] Art tag - My criteria to vote on these posts

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I get a lot of discord messages every day from newbies asking me to vote on their posts. That´s ok, I actually encourage people to send me links to their posts every once in a while. The thing is, most of those posts do not fulfill my criteria to vote on them so, to be honest, they are just wasting theirs and my time by sending me those posts.

I´m going to start making these kind of posts talking about the specifics of each of the most popular tags around so everyone knows what do I expect from a newbie´s post in order to curate it. At first I wanted to do it on video but sadly my laptop is very limited and I can´t use OBS while opening a lot of tabs in order to curate easierly.

What I´m going to do is spread some votes among the various posts I find while browsing the art tag and explain why am I voting on them and why am I voting with that percentage.

Now, these set of criteria I use to vote, is not a step by step guide that you should follow in order to get a vote from me. I´m 100% in favor of people posting what they want, when they want and how they want to do it, I am just putting this information out because that is how I base my decision whether to vote or not on a post and what percentage I vote it with.

This is not a rule book and definitely should not be taken as law, I am going to make these type of posts to answer all these questions I get of what do I take into account when curating certain tags.

Curating the art tag

My personal criteria when voting on this kind of posts is very strict. The art tag is one of the most used tags and it is also one of the most abused - I´m not basing this statement on any data, just based on my personal experience while browsing this topic.

1 - Original artwork: This means the art must not be plagiarism. Some people take artwork from the web and portray it as theirs, so the first thing I do is to reverse-search the picture in order to find out if it hasn´t been taken from another website.

2 - Steemit original: This one is a bit controversial between my fellow curators - highly staked and not so high - because there are some people who have their own deviantart.com account (to mention one of the hundreds of art website there are out there) and also publish the very same art pieces on Steemit. While some people may curate these authors, I rather vote on Steemit exclusive content. The reason is very simple: I prefer to reward Steemians that create art to specifically upload it Steemit because then, you know it hasn´t been monetized before - in contrast to someone that may already has art pieces monetized in another website or maybe even monetized their Instagram account. This is just a personal preference but it´s definitely not the most popular criteria among other curators.

3 - I tend to vote more oftenly on posts that include the art process depicted with photographies of the step by step art creation. The reason I prioritize this kind of posts above other types is because we, as readers (or watchers?, maybe admirers?) can follow the authors path and it also gives the post a bit more body, it enriches the experience of admiring the art work.

4 - If instead of including pictures of the process, the author decides to record the process, I completely fall in love with the post, because then I can follow the artist during the whole creation. I can see where the artist hesitated, when he/she decided to make a turn, when they decided to use certain color etc. I get to live the art creation with them, which is an amazing experience.

5 - Description of the art: I find it amazing when an artist decides to share with us what made him/her go for a certain style, what made her/him choose those colors, when did she/he realized the art was going in X direction etc. It´s all about the engagement the artist wants to create with their audience.

6 - When the artist takes a picture of the art piece with him/her in it. I realize not everyone wants to be portrayed along their art, but it is always nice to see this happening. Especially because this bullet point makes it easier for the curator to actually be certain the artwork belongs to the Steemian.

7 - The post title: I know you are not a writer, but when an artist makes an effort to actually write an appealing title, it is easier for a curator to be interested in the post. Quick example: Would you be more interested in a post named "Forest Painting" or in a post named "The natural beauty of an oak tree during an autumm evening"? Do you see my point? The title is as important as the art, because the title - along the thumbnail - is what is going to get the curator interested in your post.

I am not an artist, I am a curator and I am not here to judge the art quality but the post quality and the way people present it, and by that judgement I decide the weight I give to the post.

None of these bullet points are mandatory for me to curate art posts, but certainly fulfilling a higher percentage of them makes it easier for me to vote with a bigger weight on these posts.

@saracampero - Developing the creativity in classes | Happy Hen turotial

This post caught my attention because of the title and the thumbnail that included the Steemian, her username and the art piece.
This post is not about the art quality, but about the effort made in taking pictures of the process and describing a bit each step, it even includes what materials you should get in order to make one yourself! The post markdown makes it easy to read and the way she closes the post is nice, it´s not about here is my art and that´s it but more about how it can help children to engage on these kind of activities.
What would I add to the post: Perhaps I would suggest the artist to make each step description a bit more thorough in order to make the experience richer.
Vote weight given: 40%.

@petterjosph - Mis inicios en el realismo

This drawing was made in 2012 by this Steemian who crosschecks his other social media accounts with his Steemit account. The artwork is very good and the description he includes in spanish talks about how he started to make realist posts and what obstacles he faced while doing it.
What would I add to the post: Pictures of the process. It is a complex pencil drawing and I would very much enjoy to see how he dealt with the coloring. A picture of him holding the pic would also be nice.
Vote weight given: 10%.

@eliu - El grito del pobre negro


In here, the artist signs the art with his username, so that is a nice touch. I like the idea of introducing the drawing with a small flavor text of what the author was thinking when he made the art piece. It includes a black and white process which actually allows the reader to appreciate the step by step creation.
What would I add to the post: Descriptions for each step. Perhaps continuing the small story he started at the beginning of the post, it would be amazing to see the story develop as the drawing takes form. I would also include some engagement with the audience.
Vote weight given: 15%.

@rinkashica - Illustration step by step - White Queen Anne Hathaway

This is not an original drawing but the author actually states she used a guide image and it´s not trying to portray the art as her´s, but it more about the process she followed to make a depiction of an already existing art piece.
She tells us why she decided to make this piece, the materials she used and how she did each step. The cool part is that she tells us what was going through her mind while drawing Mrs. Hathaway and between each of the steps, I really like this parts of the post.
She actually takes the time to make a username tag to include it in every step of the process, so we are sure it was her who made the drawing.
What would I add to the post: This post would´ve gotten an even bigger vote if the drawing was made without using a guide image, but overall this is a great post.
Vote weight given: 40%.

This is it for today Steemians. I hope this gave you and insight of what do I look for when curating the art tag.

I used the pictures of every post I curated to make the post more more engaging, if any of the authors wants me to remove it from my post please let me know.

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I agree with your voting criteria because I find it difficult to figure out if the work being shared is actually theirs or if it was taken so I like seeing many progress shots. Also, as an artist I think it’s fun to see someone else’s technique through their process. I actually really enjoy watching time lapse videos or prerecorded live stream.


@vermillionfox I don´t know who came up with the process shots but that person is a genius, finally we can see first hand how an artist works :)

Thanks @anomadsoul for taking into account my pretty hen, almost a month ago I started this small educational project in order to promote the creativity of the children of our Steemains, where you can easily do this work with the help of an adult. It's very fun anyone can try. Once again thank you for supporting my work, I will continue striving every day to be taken into account again, thanks for the support to the community and for your advice and recommendations. A thousand thanks, I'm very happy! God bless you always.


@saracampero you rock, your post was awesome! I hope you don´t mind I used the image :P Keep making great content, thanks for being a high quality content creator, we need more of those on Steemit.


Thank you for appreciating my publication @anomadsoul , and, for supporting the original content, this is a small educational project that allows children to approach the artistic work accompanied by adults, started with this, 3 weeks ago, I have shared several tutorials, very all beautiful. Quiet I can use the photos you want, it does not bother me at all, you are making me feel very moved and motivated to continue promoting education through art, Once again thanks for the support, you are welcome in my blog whenever you want. God bless you and your family always.


@saracampero thank you for making such awesome content!


Thanks to you really! @anomadsoul that support means a lot to me and my family, I am from Venezuela, I will be infinitely grateful for everything he has done for me, and I invite you to visit my new creations, I hope you like them and that you give me all the recommendations and suggestions . Thanks for supporting my original content. You have to see my new multipurpose shoes. God bless you.


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Nice idea to post a little information why you vote on what - Maybe that will encourage some people to make better posts if they see what you f.e. find better ;) Maybe I should do the same for #deutsch at a day in the near future :) Greets man


I´m not sure how I came up with the idea but this morning I got quite a load of messages with post links and I thought it would be a good idea to increase the post quality at least among my art creating followers. Considering nowadays Steeming behaviour I think we need to encouragea bit more those who create great content. It would be awesome to see your take while curating content under the #deutsch tag :D

Holy shit, @anomadsoul! I've been thinking about this very post for a few weeks and you've just written exactly my thoughts on the art tag, even more comprehensively than I could have. Art on Steemit is my own, personal most coveting treasure of the site. I have a ridiculously high standard for what gets my 100% vote. Even amongst my close friends in real life on Steemit. My Steemit posts typically take around and hour. Thanks for sharing. Resteemed.


This post took the same time my brother watched Django unchained and it's not even my art! I completely understand how hard it can be to create good art whether it is paintings, sculptures, photography or even a good write up. I find it sad when a good artist doesn't realize the importance of how you present your art... Because the art might be great but if you don't know how to sell it then you won't get as many votes as you would. It can be stressful for artists to spend hours on a painting and to get the votes because of they way they present it :(

Lol that holy shit sounded authentic :D

Thanks for the big vote and the resteem! I hope you getting those rookie numbers up!


This is going to be a seminal year for me @anomadsoul. I've been a photographer for the last 18 years and it's a great gig, but deep down I've wanted to comic book illustration, writing and design since I was a little kid. I just did my last big photography tour of the year and I released a book. I feel those things are appropriate end marks to make the transition. I'm taking a significant portion of my crypto out in late June or early July, and that'll be my money to live off of. So much of my photography work is a hamster wheel and this'll be my attempt to get off, finally. I'll always love photography [....and I'll still do it occasionally, on my terms], but comics is what I feel my purpose has always been. I must be the only nerd on earth that photographs beautiful women in lingerie and secretly wants to be huddled up in a room writing and drawing comics. HAHA!

Yeah, though. Give me a few weeks and you'll see those rookie numbers way up. I'm aiming for a page a day including tons of @dlive streams and sketch warm ups. I can't wait.


That is awesome! I saw your comic book post yesterday and truth to be told I´m getting more and more interested in comics lately. That plan of yours sounds pretty appealing, to get off the comfort zone and to pursue one´s dreams is one of the best decisions there are out there. Also, good choice going with dlive :D

  ·  3년 전

You're right. It is very important to know how to sell your production


As it should be @mllg !

Sadly plagiarism is everywhere and a lot of tags seem to be struggling with it. Gaming tends to have a fair amount of it in there as well. People just copy/paste entire articles and what do they think no one will notice? Video format especially with all stuff going on over on YouTube of bots just downloading and uploading thousands of stolen content per day and finding other sites to do the same on.

I definitely would agree things like art/photos need more content into why was it taken, thoughts of the artist, backstory of the creation. Quite many great photos being shard on steemit but very little text to accompany them. It seems like it be a simple step to step up the work by including that.

You are quite courage leaving yourself open to all the people wanting to link drop you something. I personally found it annoying and do my best to limit it.


Soemtimes the plagiarism is so obvious i can´t help but think "am i being taken for a fool or is this person really living under a rock thinking this can pass as original?".

Yeah, i mean, the photos and the drawings speak for themselves but to be honest, with all the great content out there and the competition being so fierce, everyone has to bring everything to the table and make an even bigger effort to stand out from the bunch.

Desearía tener 1 millón de SP para votarte esta publicación. No sabes lo valioso que es para mi leer el proceso de curación que aplicas porque se que muchos curadores hacen lo mismo. Ojalá hubieses podido hacer el video grabando la pantalla mientras lo haces. Pero de igual manera me encantó.

La semana pasada haciendo una publicación de uno de mis dibujos tenia muchas dudas sobre si debería describir o solo mostrar las imágenes del proceso. Además tenia dudas con respecto a los títulos, si deberían ser simples y directos al grano, o podían ser mas elaborados.

Ahora siento que me diste Luz y respondiste muchas de mis dudas, muchísimas gracias por crear este tipo de contenido para ayudarnos a crecer dentro de la plataforma. ¡Un gran abrazo virtual!


Aque bueno que te sientes así y que este post pudo ayudarte! En realidad son métricas no reglas, pero claro, la opinión de alguien mas siempre nos ayuda a nosotros a mejorar y a quizás pulir detalles en nuestros posts que quizás ni siquiera habíamos notado. Gracias a ti por pasarte por mi post y comentar!

OK @anomadsoul, this has me thinking. I follow quite a lot of the principles you outline but have, after the post goes stale, shared a caricature on Facebook with my followers there. After reading this, I feel that this must cease!!
It can be get quite frustrating as one tries to get a following on Steemit and adding charicartures that can take many hours to do and find that it attracts minimal comments and freedback. But I am persevering until my reputation grows.
Thanks for the post. I will do some introspection!!


Hey, it´s great that you share it with your faebook friends but have you thought of actually sharing the Steemit post? That way you still share with your pals your art AND are giving Steemit some visibility and perhaps more people will adopt it :D


good idea....I'll do that next time.

Thanks for this curation guide.. I do follow these guidelines when posting art.. but not the video of the progress (only pictures) because of two reasons, first I need to remain anonymous and second I have a lack of a good camera (my phone camera only works well outside when recording video).
I believe this will help a lot of newbies to step up their games, as they may not yet be aware of the things that others are looking at while curating..
It's a learning process.. Btw you said this:

I know you are not a writer... (about picking the title)

But that doesn't have to be the case, I write a lot (and I believe I can call myself a writer by now) but I am also an artist .. No need to choose lol .. just sayin' ;)
You got me inspired to finish my latest piece of art, as it has been a few days already.. so thanks for bringing up the art thing at 7 am to me!

Appreciate your efforts on curating and helping new Steemians, Eric! b( ̄▽ ̄)d
Like to see this transparency from you!


@anomadsoul i have made a post for you with the art tag ....
Here is step by step procedure :


This is pretty good man, thanks, just left a comment on your post!


Thanks for you like my art and thanks for dropping by....means alot to me man...

No se si es un poquito egocéntrico de mi parte si es asi disculpa n.nU, pero creo que yo fijo en muchos de los puntos que mencionas aqui, amo los speedpaint y últimamente cada que subo un dibujo subo el video de como lo hice y asi, claro, en cámara rápida.

Cosas como en que me inspiró, porque hice tal o que cosa, creo que te podría gustar.

no se podrias darte una vuelta y decirme que tal, esta fue el último dibujo que hice, es para un concurso que te parece? n.n


Feelings aroused by the touch of someone's hand, the sound of music, the smell of a flower, a beautiful sunset, a work of art, love, laughter, hope and faith - all work on both the unconscious and the conscious aspects of the self, and they have physiological consequences as well.

GREAT criteria, Eric! Hope all is well with you, man! I've sucked at Steeming for a while, but I'm hanging in there. Life is crazy busy. haha


Hey man! Long time no see, I´m glad you stopped by. I´m not an expert on the matter but I do enjoy browsing this tag when I have some spare VP to spread the love :D I hope everything is going awesome back there with the greatest Steem family!


Everything is going wonderful, man! Life never seems to slow down. :)

This is an awesome drawing. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed in this photography and art. It's really great criteria deaw. i wish your success

Sometimes I wonder whether my art is not good enough or something.....I have been post with the art tag and no upvote from you😢

## Beautiful drawings must be an artist


The drawing are not mine! Did you even read the post? :/


i does'nt told that you have made this
read the comment again

Thanks for putting this one up. I always encourage my fellow artists to do their best in posting art related blog, after all, art is one of the most curated topic here at steemit. 😊

Thanks, @anomadsoul. This motivated me!


@olaivart Making art is hard but every artist must consider that it is also important the way you present it to the Steemit community, we are a visual community and we decide to vote or not depending on the way we read the post :)

I always use tag art by posting my own digital drawing results. after reading this post, i know many people more deserve to get upvote from you. so I was not at all disappointed. next I will try to make digital art that interest you. @anomadsoul


@irma27 Keep making awesome content, eventually a manual curator will find it :)


Of course Eric @anomadsoul, I'll try to do my best 😊


But do it because you want to, not because I said so! :D

the photo of the lady looks very beautiful


@teenovision Tell that to the person who drew it! Or better yet, visit the post and vote on it and comment on it, I bet the author will like that :)

i find your approach of judgment very good, it reflects your own opinion and that's why it's authentic. I think with this kind of rating, you will prepare many here joy.


@homeartpictures Thanks for this comment, I really am trying to help out newbies here, to tell them what do manual curators look for (or at least a few of us) not to make them do what we want, but so they understand how we think and decide to vote or not.

I know one artist whom I always admire @prabalmallick , unfortunately it seems he did not get much attention and not posting a lot here.

May be initiatives like this will bring some good artists post continuously.


@sanmi Try encouraging him again so he comes back! Remember Steemit is about patience and constant work, people get desperate too easily nowadays :(

Thank you so much for always supporting all of us the newbies artists. i second all your criteria mentioned. I can relate a lot on your initiative to nurture the artistic vibes from the grass roots, its not an easy task i believe. :)

and if i may suggest another criteria too is the spirit of collaboration with other artists here in steemit is also an exciting factor everytime i read a post here! things like the inspiration youve get from another steemit artists, or collaboration across different diciplines; music+visual, writing+photography, poetry+drawings,etc. or works done learning from other artist's tutorial, etc. We can have the chance to connect and expand our network..:)

anyway, may God bless you for your hard work! :)


I try, sometimes it´s hard to actually support everyone who deserves it, but there are still a few manual curators striving every day to find great content and reward them for it.

Creating sinergy between different art forms is awesome, I haven´t really seen a lot of those during this year and 2 months I´ve been here though :/

Good day Sir, I am an arts and craft lover, your content today inspires me, thank you for that. If you would have a time, please check my post of my recent arts and craft. I will paste the link here. Thank you so much for your pointers. More power to you!


wow friend your conditions I will take it as an advice for my next drawings, they are very good ideas, especially the title that is what will attract attention ... good publication and thanks for the advice, aaaah chose some good publications to support, charm the captain davidjones


@quamce Exactly, take them as advice, not as rules :D

Thanks for this guidelines sir @anomadsoul, I'm working on a artwork for days now, and soon to post it here (first post/upload) in steemit. Thanks for this guidelines, this will really a big help to guide me as an artist.


I know how hard and complicated finishing an art piece can be, I hope to see some of the process! When you post it hit me up on discord so i dont miss it @jeeuuzz

thanks for this information sir anomadsoul, actually i did this a lot of times here but I never have been curied or even don't have a big upvotes from my artworks that i really made and lots of pictures of the process maybe i'm not that good in composting my content i'm not that good in english but it's okay i'm here posting my artwork to motivate some aspiring artist and share some knowledge. again sir thank you so much for the info more power and god bless you.


Perhaps its just bad luck, have you tried posting at different times of the day or trying to change the style that you sue to write your posts?


okay sir i'll try to change my posting time. thanks again for this info ^_^


@ishanvirtue but do it because you want to, not because I said so :D


yeah hahah thanks again sir ^_^

  ·  3년 전

Awesome initiative ❤️👌. superb voting criteria. you explained every bit of thing about posts. but I'm a new follower of you once I made a sketch tho i'm not a good artist and even i don't accept that I'm good in art but once i tried should I share it with you or not?..


@xawi Keep trying my friend, it only takes time for some curator to find your posts and if they like them, they will vote on them :)

It's good for a person to have some standards of his own. I hope your readers read this because it sounds like they're just after your vote and not really for passion of art.


@gvincentjosephm I think we should all have high standards when it comes to curating :D And yeah, sometimes it feels like that but well, there are people like that all over the world, not only Steemit :/

Although these guidelines aren't mandatory I found them very useful. Our posts need authenticity and value, the more the best. An exclusive content (developed only for steemit) implies commitment with the platform, and commitment is what we need to increase the value of the steem


@ikar59 it´s all about authenticity my friend and being original, thanks for droppping by and comment on my post!

La ilustracion de tu post esta genial!


@yenncanela muchas gracias! No la hice yo, de hecho tengo que recordar quien la hizo para agradecerle de nuevo ya que la he usado ya varias veces :P

Those are the same criteria that I use when I submit some awesome art that I see in the potentials room in promo-mentors so hehe.

How about for the subject itself does it need to be an original subject or are you okay if it something inspired by a movie or image of a movie say a portrait of a Marvel character.


To be honest, like I mention in the last example, I can appreciate a drawing using a guided image or based on on a movie or anime, but I find it more amazing when the artist creates something out of thin air.

Thank you @anomadsoul this I needed to hear. I will spend more time sculpting my post to better bring the viewer along for the artistic journey.

I am happy to find curators like you that appreciate the artistic process.

  ·  3년 전

You got a 100.00% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @anomadsoul!


Thanks test!

Very interesting points that you are listing here. As you said, it is not a rule book, but what it is, is a guide to follow in order to improve the quality of the posts.

Quedaron geniales, hermosos dibujos...

The guide is very good To understand this post I confess that I use a translator because my language is Spanish. I like to learn every day more about this platform. I know I have many mistakes but I want to progress. Thanks for all that information

Thanks for all this information! It is very useful to know what you are looking for as a curator, and I really agree with you.

Personally I am starting in this world because I barely have 3 months and every day I am looking to improve my publications, and the way in which I present my works, I like recycling, that is what I do, each of my works It's different, I'll work hard and I'll continue working maybe one day you'll see my work and give me a vote of those 100 hahaha, thank you very much! You do an excellent job.

wah this is a very useful teaching, I have several times posted my drawings, but no one interested

I will try as you say by making a toturial when painting and the reason of the image

thank you


Dont lose hope, Im sure that if you keep creating awesome content one day a manual curator will find your posts :D


Thank you very much for your support.
I do not want to give up like my friends
and I will continue to write and make something interesting to read and to cheer my steemit friend.

Como dices estimado @anomadsoul, cada curador es autónomo en la forma de si se puede decir "EVALUAR EL CONTENIDO", Creo firmemente que todo conlleva a una causa, y es aportar a la comunidad, tengo poco tiempo dentro de este gran ecosistema, como meta a corto plazo me gustaria desarrollar proyectos que influyan en la parte educativa de la comunidad de steemit, pero para lograrlo necesito educarme sobre los principios y valores que identifican esta plataforma, y como muestra de ello todas tus sugerencias, "TE LAS COMPRO", respeto tu criterio, mis mas sinceros agradecimientos por tan emotivo articulo, espero poder contar con muchísimas mas ideas para mejorar tanto en el área artística como en las demás, saludos fraternales!

muy interesante los detalles que aqui expones para otorgar tu voto, esto me da una idea clara de como dar un giro a mis post, incluso a los titulos... aunque muchas veces no se debe juzgar el libro por la portada, en este caso se podria aplicar ya que con el titulo del post se despierta la curiosidad del curador o lector y asi puedan ver el contenido para tomar la decision de votar. Nuevamente gracias @anomadsoul

Amigo @anomadsoul, te saludo en la oportunidad que aprovecho para felicitarte por tu trabajo tácito en esta plataforma digital. Me agrada mucho lo que reflejas, y lo que proyectas en cada una de tus publicaciones, sobre todo lo que te rodea como persona.

Pienso, que los criterios que antepones para valorar el contenido de otros steemians, se adecúa a lo que se estila en este red social, pero además de eso, me llama la atención la forma que tienes para expresar tus puntos de vistas o perspectivas, y las comparto, porque me parecen acertadas.

Este post tuyo, es una muestra de tu excelente trabajo, y enhorabuena, por las personas afortunadas, al ser destacadas por tí. Sigue adelante, triunfando, tu talento es evidente y tus éxitos, motivan. En muchos casos, se hace contagioso, sanamente contagioso.

Saludos y éxitos.

Completeply agree on the recording of how it's made part. A few days back I saw one such video and it was very interesting to see how it's made from scratch.


It´s actually very interesting to see the process, I enjoy very much when I can see the step by step creation.

Es muy importante saber tus consideraciones amigo @anomadsoul a la hora de votar una publicación , muchas veces uno se pregunta que es lo que desea la gente ver o que cosas tener encuenta a la hora de hacer una publicación y desmarcarse de lo común y de lo mismo que hacen todos , aun creo estar en la búsqueda de ese toque especial que me logre complacer a mi mismo, sobre mi arte , pero trato de disfrutar el proceso y ir en la mejora constante , ojala que mas curadores se animen a tomar tu iniciativa para orientar un poco a la gente que se adentra en steemit a seguir mejorando , muchas gracias ten un buen día

Saludos amigo @anomadsoul muy bueno tu punto de vista, es muy difícil mantener a todos contento, muchos quisieran que sus post fuesen votados, pero cada quien tiene un criterio distinto a otro y su manera de corregir al curar, no todos trabajan de la misma manera, cada técnica es distinta a otra tu tienes tu modo de corregir y eso es respetable, ahora solo les queda a los artistas tomar esta chuleta y empezar a trabajar duro para que los votes jajaja feliz noche suerte para todos y tomen dato.

This is so nice of you. keep up the great work @anomadsoul

I upvoted your post but am curious why you don't follow your own advice.

  • Where's your photo with a copy of this post?
  • Why don't you tediously document your process? Where are your notes plus every draft and revision with your thoughts?

Where's your photo with a copy of this post?

The reason I look for a photo of the art is to be certain the person drew/painted the art. In here, just by posting on my blog, is it proven that the ideas are mine.

Why don't you tediously document your process? Where are your notes plus every draft and revision with your thoughts?

The process of a written post is right there, each word type is the process. You can see the beginning, the middle and the end, you can read the whole process of writing the post whereas on a painting you can´t see the process just by looking at the final piece.

Are you being silly on purpose?

Gracias por al apoyo que prestas día a día a nuestra comunidad amigo @anomadsoul, agradecido por el arduo trabajo y el tiempo que dedicas en buscar siempre incentivarnos y educarnos en esta plataforma, te deseo éxitos en tu proyecto, saludos hermano.

I mean it’s alright for them to ask questions about how to become a top steem star but links are all on you and what you choose to do with them . Art has always been my favorite , just because I could never draw I’ve always been fascinated by what others can do .


The difficulty here is to decide "who gets vote and who doesnt, hence rewards" so you have to take curation as serious as you can or you will let down a lot of people.

I like the idea of your voting and curating! Art is a word which covers quite a bit in my opinion. My definition of art is creation in any way. For example nature itself is art, any painting can be art or photos from a different perspective can be art, which is what I am doing and love doing.

I love to take drone photography and look through the eyes of a bird and look down on nature how it is untouched.

How do you feel about photography as art and using the tag #art @anomadsoul ?

Keep it up!


True, I think there should be specific tags for each of the 7 arts.

I do believe photography is art, but im glad it has its own tag, otherwise we would have 2 of the most used tags crammed onto one :S

I love that you promote talent in this way, great post!


I am no the only one, there are a lot of manual curators using similar criteria as mine, I just thought of making a post about it :D

Hello @anomadsoul. Very carefully read your article and decided to try to make a video of your drawing. Here's what I got -https://steemit.com/art/@molarity/portrait-artwork-of-kim-taehyung-from-bts-by-using-pastels-time-lapse-video-of-drawing-process-32
Regards @molarity

From art tags, it seems tough to find what we really like.

It was good that I was able to know the standard. Thank you.

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  ·  3년 전

Very interesting. I'll try to follow some of your recommendations for my next posts. I don't feel like it's necessary for sketches though. They are fairly simple. It totally makes sense for a finished piece. ;-)


I´m glad you found this post of help :D

Que tal anomadsoul Excelente tu explicación de porque decides apoyar una obra, me parece que los criterios que tomas en cuenta son muy válidos, por ejemplo el de evidenciar el proceso de creación con fotos o videos, yo soy un artista digamos que frustrado porque nunca desarrollé mi inclinación por el arte, sobre todo por la pintura y cada vez que veo un post donde se detalla como se creó la obra me llama mucho la atención porque quiero aprender e incluso viendo los procesos he aprendido ya muchas cosas, por eso estoy muy de acuerdo contigo en la forma como seleccionas para dar tu apoyo. Muy buen post amigo Eric. Saludos!...


@samueldc Mucha gente me ha preguntado acerca de mis criterios o simplemente me pide su opinión sobre su post. En realidad no puedo estar dando opiniones sobre cada post que me envian, mi mejor opinion es mi voto y el porcentaje con el que lo voto si es que lo voto. Me pareció una buena idea hacer estos posts para explicar a todos mi opinion :D