Darkness defines us all

3년 전
Once I read somewhere (thanks to my bad memory I do not remember when or where it was), a phrase that despite not remembering textually said something like this:

Darkness defines us all;
people can represent anything in the light of day,
but only at night, after the world darkens,
the real "I" of each one appears.


This caught my attention because if we take it literally, it is true, since in the nights generally, it is when there are moments of tranquility and the true feelings can sprout and I know is more sincere.

But if we evaluate this phrase in depth and change perspective, we find that "night" can be situations that push people to the limit, making their true intentions shine.

Particularly I think that we never stop meeting people, because we change daily, but when circumstances vary for good or for bad, there are naked intentions that we would never imagine.

I believe that regardless of whether it is "day" or "night", our actions should be characterized by their transparency and integrity, maintaining a correct and fair attitude.

I would like to read your opinions on this, whether we agree or not. With a lot of love, I read them.

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