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I# ntroduction of BUMO
Bumo is a project whose purpose is to create a special network, where values ​​and transactions can flow freely, and it focuses on increasing the ease of transport across various networks within Things, Fintech, and Social Networking Industries.BUMO uses smart devices as a center, which serve as block chains. BUMO works as a social network, it is a project where you can manage your finances along with your personal data. In addition to Connecting digital resources, smart devices, and user data, BUMO will provide the real benefits of the digital economy to improve the lives of people.

What are the key differences of BUMO?

1-Some of the differences between BUMO and any other public chain are the following:
2-Inter-Chain for Routing Value across Blockchains
3-Developer-friendly Smart Contract
4-Multi-asset atomic operation
5-Extensible account structure
6-Improved Two-layer Consensus Protocol
7-Two-layer Polymorphic Architecture for Multi-child Blockchain
8-Differentiated data storage

source : http://cuon.io/gAIG8B0S

Since *BUMO *is not restricted to powerful computers to run nodes, how can this help mass adoption?

One of the factors that prevent a massive adoption of blockchains networks is the high cost of high-end computers. With this measure, a massive adoption of this technology in large companies is sought, making it easier to obtain them. BUMO, having such a fast processing speed of transactions, allows users to perform better, since the various crypto platforms have very low speeds.
Jose discovered that *BUMO *can deal with a large amount of data to find patterns that help determine their prices.
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