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What's going on everybody @azzelarab here in @steemit I hope you're having a great day, today I'm gonna get into #Xaya

Our ultimate gaming platform #Xaya is back again with a new surprise for us. The gaming industry has come a long way since the days of Atari has continued to become more immersive and rich media experience. The amount of processing power devices currently have allowed us to provide longer narratives, complex puzzles and user mechanics, and naturally stunning graphics which have all helped taking gaming to an entirely new level. As we know #Xaya introduced the world to the idea of blockchain gaming with their innovations.
The experiment of Hunter coin played a wonderful ans positive roll in the formation of this decentralized platform, it was a hobby project with over 35,000 characters, with a market cap of over 10 million USD.
In order to produce these rich gaming experiences, a considerable amount of resources are needed and gaming development isn't always a profitable exercise.
Gamers are recommanding more for their money which they aren't willing to part with cash for anything that they deem subpar.

How Xaya wants to change gaming.

For developers
#Xaya wants to revolutionize gaming by providing an open and decentralised end to end system for games to be both developed on and runin' on in one digital economy.
We have Xaya wallet where you can register your avatar names securely hold your coins and you can play from your gaming wallet.
For gamers
Gamers now can enjoy playing their games on a completely autonomous system and doesn't have a single point of failure as with centralised third-party services.

How decentralized platform is more secure, especially for high-value assets?

There are several blockchain asset storage platforms in which the games run in a centralized manner.If Xaya will be partnering with Soccer manager then it will lead to real ownership of in-game assets which will include currency, players, stadiums and much more.
Upsetting a gamer is the last thing you want to do as they will begin to leave in their droves very quickly, there is a finicky bunch.
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