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Hello @steemit friends, here another wonderful contest @originalworks community in which I am @azzelarab grateful to participate.

Nowdays in this technological world there are many influencers, many of these aren't supported. But with the PATRON platform, which will help, support to publish.

What is Patron?

With Patron you could've a high number of followers that will help your growth in the platform, the sponsors will be willing to pay for your work, the types of advertising that was so successful 20 years ago, barely makes a dent now. A sponsor will look for an influencer (host) depending on several factors that will determine if or not it can be recognized. Traditional advertising was expensive... if you could convince 0.025% of your audience to purchase your product or service, then you were doing really well.
Influencers and social media fans around the world will be able to publish, reserve or market the influencer's data in the platform provided by PATRON, included in the internet and mobile apps.

How can I get recognized quickly?

We must have an aim or rather an ability with what we want to reach, if you are an actor you can make movies/series, if you are an entrepreneur or you have a product for sale you can also sponsor it. You can do whatever you want, but remember that people are famous for having talent in what they do, a high number of followers who are always active in your account could help attract the attention of sponsors and finally start earning money.

What is a Influencer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is an influencer. He does amazing things inside the field and posts them on Instagram and other social networking services like Facebook, Twitter. He has 149M followers on Instagram.

Patron on Steemhunt

I really wanted to add Patron to the popular Steem Dapp Steemhunt myself, but it had been added. Those Steemhunt hunters are always on the forefront of new and exciting technologies.

special thanks to patorn and @originalworks



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