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What's going on everybody @azzelarab here in @steemit I hope you're having a great day, today I'm gonna get into #ONAM

About exchanges

There are many market exchanges being released, that are a copy of some other big exchanges, which doesn't consist anything new that people would be willing to use for. People like reading the whitepapers of the projects, since that part is where a an intention of a person can be hooked up. But now I heard about a new exchange that is released, which made me curious to share it with you too. Exchange
So let me give it an introduction what is Onam?
ONAM is a scalable, innovative crypto exchange with top grade security, Also, it is an exchange platform characterized by offering to us users, experts or new, the latest technology. In addition to, emphasizes compliance, security and usability.
ONAM offers robust trading tools, market sentiment tools, machine driven assistants and more.
One of the features that I like the most is the importance they give to new users by offering them a trading assistant.
ONAM seeks to solve one of the main problems in cryptocurrencies world, it is security, ONAM has an automatic intrusion detector and also a learning model that helps avoid security breaches.

Why is ONAM's aim to work with regulators to be compliant so important?

Regulatory authorities are carefully scrutinizing the world of crypotcurrency, regulatory measures, investigations or actions are coming into effect and ONAM aware of this, also in the capacity to comply with any new regulations. Therefore, the trader can be sure ONAM will always be completely transparent and regulation compliant.
How will ONAM's super-low fees benefit the trader?
As a user I will be able to make any trade I need, with the fastest time, the cheapest rates, and the most confidence, that all the security features that ONAM provides.
# The whitepaper of Onam take all the crowd attention. This is why I dig down more.

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