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What's going on everybody @azzelarab here in @steemit I hope you're having a great day, today I'm gonna get into #Onepagex


What is OnePageX

OnePageX is the abbreviated name that One Page Exchange receives.OnePageX is a cryptocurriencies Exchanger that allows you to make trades with multiple cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. The objective of OnePageX is to build the change and trade of monetary forms, and thusly create development in this universe of crypto.

#OnePageX has three important points:

1-Simple interface.
2-Multiple cryptocurrencies are supported.
3-Guarantees anonymity (No registration required).

OnePageX tries to meet the needs of all users.

The fact of allowing the exchange of multiple cryptocurrencies is essential because it provides greater adoption opportunities for people who have a diversified portfolio.Likewise, not requiring users to register in your system guarantees the anonymity of your users, providing greater security and convenience for people who need to make transactions in cryptocurrencies. this makes OnePageX provides greater comfort and is totally attractive to people. The advantages that the client accommodates the distinctive trades on a solitary page are a few, extending from basic solace, productivity and expanded execution.


Stephanie is a person who owns several cryptodivisors and wants to convert all her cryptodivisors into one in order to protect her funds in a hard wallet. For her safety, anonymity is essential to her. She needs to use an exchange which accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, and allows her to make exchanges under anonymity easily and quickly.
Stephanie finds OnePageX! Now Stephanie is happy because she can make exchanges between different crypto currencies simply, quickly and under anonymity.

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is it trusted ?



Yes, it is. Read carefully there are a lot of advantages.

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