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Hello, steemians. I am pleased to see your interest in Golos Russian fork Steemet. However, I note the problems that many people have with language difficulties.

Unfortunately, after the beginning of a long war of flags, respected communities Golos and Steemit whale @fyrstikken decided to leave the platform. All boosters (bid bots) had to hide in Telegram and third-party web clients. However, with the adoption of the hard fork and the linear function, the war ended. But even for the advanced and understanding economy user Steemit, it is hard to understand how to use the promotion services and attract the attention of the Golos community. To begin earning is necessary Golos Power, increase the number of subscribers, build reputation. But bid bots hide in Telegram.

Therefore, I decided to help Steemit users to promote posts and accounts on Golos. To start an experimental service.

This is my personal decision. I'm not affiliated with the teams Golos.io, Golos Fund or Cyber Fund. I am not a founder. I'm a regular Golos user who came to the project last summer. But I understand the economics of Golos and bid bots. I'm interested in seeing new users on the platform, after a grueling and devastating flag war.

Here is a link to my account in the Golos
Here is an example @broncnutz of what I is ready to help new users

I could start making money on it. Perform for you bets in bid bots. But I'm much more interested in teaching your and drawing attention to Golos. Think about the capitalization of the tokens have fallen so much since the beginning of the war flags and the exit of certain whales that will soon be an opportunity of great growth. It all depends on the growth of the community. Even repost with Steemit in Golos you will speed up the process. In my last post, I was calculating the likely maximum earnings in the current situation. However, with the growth of the community, the decrease in the supply of tokens on the exchange, your investments will increase significantly.

The development teams were strengthened. The speed of their work is increased, a new hard fork is coming, we are waiting for interesting changes. Finally, there will be a function of delegations Golos power. It's the same fast blockchain and huge potential for developers. Fast indexing by search services and aggregators.

If you want to invest in Golos Power right away, it will be much cheaper than getting into top Steemit.

Tokens are traded on Bittrex exchange Golos and GBG

My terms and opportunities. After making a decision about promotion on Golos, you can register and write a comment in Steemit \ Golos or contact me in Telegram (@chugoi911). Please remember the possible time difference, I will answer you. After that you prepare and publish the post you want to promote. It is necessary to remember about the inadmissibility of plagiarism. Having prepared a post, you transfer me the desired amount for promotion, at the moment one post can spend no more than 500 GOLOS or GBG. Accepted STEEM and SBD, to my account in Steemit on the current rate difference. After payment I promote your post in the Popular and Promo. In fact, in a week you will get your investments back into the liquid part and Golos Power. But not guranteed profit or loss. If you want to promote a certain post using my personal account, then only the liquid part of the payment will be subject to refund.

After analyzing the results, you are making a decision about the further development of your account on Golos. In case of a positive decision, I will help you to understand the upvotes exchange and bid bots.

Welcome in Golos! The story is just beginning!

Official client and Alternative client

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Это работает, сам начал подобное практиковать недавно)


Is this service similar to Steem Schools? The Steem Schools discord channel to learn about monetizing on STEEMIT. Anybody who wants to take FREE LIVE classes on how to monetize on Steemit can join us here.


Yes and no. This is more suitable for users who already understand the basics of economics and monetization on Steemit, but would like to try on Golos. I suggest to show the difference on ROI between Golos and Steemit on real post and in case of interest to show how to use promotion services on Golose.


Thank you for the response @chugoi911. Looking forward to reading the rest of your posts.

Welcome to Steemit, chugoi911! Best wishes for a very successful journey here in this culturally diversified yet mostly unified community :) Life is Good

By the way, there are several groups you as a newcomer can join. They will stay with you for your journey, helping and mentoring along the way.

@greetersguild invite link https://discord.gg/AkzNSKx
@newbieresteemday invite link https://discord.gg/2ZcAxsU

I am happy to your post perfect.
your account same and I hope that You will be a greatest writter.
ok thanks you

very impressed to see this @chugoi911


Thank you!

You got a 2.05% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @chugoi911!

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I'll start to follow you frien,I like what you share


Thank you friend. Following you. Welcome in Steemit. See you on Golos)

Woow, gracias por compartir, hasta hoy supe que golos era una red social, con el detalle que el idioma nos separa un poco ya que es ruso : s, pero gracias al internet ya no hay limitantes de idioma


Sí, hoy no hay fronteras. Estoy seguro de que Golos se convertirá en una plataforma internacional.

Congratulation chugoi911! Your post has appeared on the hot page after 16min with 18 votes.

Bienvenido, que disfrutes mucho este compartir de ideas y genios que es @steemit



you write cool keep it up....am a newbee here need ur votes on my post plss @alanhenry

Hello dear!
i like your articl
your way of writtting is quite interesting
i am new on steemit

In Japan, ALIS is like GOLOS and Steemit!

Welcome to Steem, @chugoi911!

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