Why I Delegated 25000 STEEM to Utopian.io

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Before a few days ago, I've never delegated Steem Power. Firstly, because there wasn't something like SteemConnect to easily and securely do such as thing and secondly, a project that I want to see succeed so bad as utopian.io.

Below, I will share why I decided to delegate 25,000 STEEM and why I think more people do the same.

What is Utopian and What Market Does it Disrupt?


Utopian.io is the only platform rewarding Open Source contributions. This, my friends, is big. The project is still very much in it's early phase and there is a lot of work to be done still BUT the potential is huge.

By talking with @elear, I discovered that this idea was not a quick flash in the pan. He has been simmering it for over 7 years. Before STEEM, it was difficult to conceive of a way that would incentivize open source contributions in a sustainable way.

Now there is one...and it's powered by the steem blockchain.

Disrupting Open Source Technology

GitHub reports having almost 20 million users and 57 million repositories, making it the largest host of source code in the world. 20 Million of the most important users of the internet in my opinion. They represent, in aggregate, the movers and shakers of programming.

Building an open source community is tough. It is really difficult to bootstrap a community of people to hunt for bugs, submit ideas and submit code for a project.

But with the advent of utopian.io, @elear has created a powerful way to get people to do all of those thing...for a living if they wanted to!

How Big Can This Vision Be?

Before this project can come to it's full flowering, we will need 2 very important features coming soon on the steem blockchain.

  1. Community Features
  2. Smart Media Tokens

Community Features

One of the thing that utopian has to deal with right is how to effectively curate good and bad submissions. @elear released a temporary way for now to deal with it by incentivize curators to do that job. But I doubt this can scale.

With the incoming community features, the Utopian project will be able to have community owners being responsible of their own projects. The community feature will allow each project to have multiple level of control over their turf such as:

  1. Owner: holder of the community account's private keys. Assigns admins.
  2. Admin: can edit admins and mods. Has mod powers.
  3. Mod: can remove posts, block users, add/remove contributors
  4. Contributor: in closed communities, an approved poster.
  5. Guest: a poster in a public community and a commenter in a restricted community

Source: https://github.com/steemit/condenser/wiki/Community-Spec-%5BDRAFT%5D

This mean that if anybody starts an open-source project. They can be in full control of what is happening in their utopian community. I have a hard time to believe that utopian could fully blossom without such features. These features can't come too fast in my opinion.

Smart Media Tokens

Let's say a social media company like Gab.ai was to use Smart Media Tokens to power their business. They would be in control of a good amount of the stakes. Let's say their token is called GAB.

Gab.ai could have a utopian community and reward their contributors with Gab tokens. In a way, it's almost like giving equity of a network to the people who help build it. All the incentives are aligned for maximum growth.

Imagine all sort of open source projects, all powering their community with their tokens!!!


A Virtuous Cycle

If the steem blockchain is capable of powering the whole open source community of github, then the steem blockchain will attract some of the best mind to look into and improve every aspect of it since it will be their bread and butter so to say.

Why You Should Delegate Your SteemPower To Utopian.io?

The obvious reason is because it's a really good project that could potentially change the face of open source. But if that's not enough for you, Utopian rewards it's sponsors with 20% of all the authors rewards on the platform.

The more you put in, the higher the % of that jackpot you get. Not bad hey?

It's been less than a week since people started delegating and see where we are at already.


And my meager 25000 Steem Delegated represent 5% of all of that reward.



Believe me, this is only the beginning. There is a lot of work to do to make the vision of utopian.io into what it is meant to be.

Special thanks to all the other sponsors:

And of course @elear for spearheading this idea.

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Looks like a great project. Let me do my finding of this project and will get back to you @cryptoctopus Thanks for the information.

Very interesting Project it sounds like a great future for the open source community!!!


wonderful comments


Agreed! Love the idea, bookmarked and as soon as I as I start earning some Steem I will be back to contribute!

Very interesting Project it sounds like a great future for the open source community!!!

I like the idea, and I'm following suit by delegating a third of my stake.

Cause he deserves it, and the dev is a really good person!

@cryptoctopus Thank You for explaining in detail how this works with delegating SP. I can now see all the different ways that STEEM is so beneficial for making STEEMIT even better and better.

you delegated more than @elear. it says you are really interest about this development. impressive review @cryptoctopus


@javybar said he delegated 10,000 SP few days back! So, you are the 3rd most SP delegated person now! Great work and it's a good way! I mean it's a delegation, and you lend the power only! No real investment is going on! So better way to earn without a risk and it helps the project to build also!
Thank you very much for sharing this great news with us!


Way to go! This project will definitely boost the open source community.

Thanks for sharing.

I get to understand about delegating steem power here...tnx

This looks to be an awesome project. All the best to you and all involved.

@cryptoctopus - Sir, as always you made a perfect review about Utopian... Actually I heard about this before.... But I had no idea what kind of application is this... You cleared my doubts & I can feel the power of this concept... Thank you very much Sir.... You always help the community... Therefore, you delegated 25000 SP.... Love your work & nice you decided to share your experience Sir.... Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Thanks for delegating to that project.

How long have you been authorized? But I think only those who have as much SP as you can invest

  1. What do you mean by authorize?
  2. Last time I checked. I don't believe it is the case.

When you delegate SP, you can take back at ANY time you desire. The SP is still 100% yours, . Whenever you decide you would like the SP back, you just go Un-Delegate it, and then it takes 7 days to return to your account where you can actively use it.


Thank you. Where can I read the manual?


What kind of manual do u want girl? Jerry also did a video about it, go and see it on youtube.

Is there any free slot ?

Proud of you, brotha.
May god blessing yo

you are talking about very interesting subject and we have to know this but i have to do more research about this. Thanks for this information...

Amazing article. I love it @cryptoctopus ! Resteemed


Wow, this is completely awesome. I myself have made some little contribution on utopian.io. i think utopian.io is one of the best things that could happen to open source.
Its indeed an amazing idea. Thanks for your contribution and for sharing this post.

Sounds really interesting :) Maybe I should delegate 1000 (approx. half of mine) as well :) Will look further into this project later. Thank you for sharing!

That is an awesome idea.

We created a little app to help us with some collection and calculation for the weekly Steemit #BeerSaturday Challenge - My idea and coding from another Steemian.

Let's talk at steemfest how we join this together.

This is a good thing to invest into considering its potential and use for open source projects. Cool @cryptoctopus

Community feature on Steem? That's so cool!
Bye to Discord,

I never understood what means delegating SP. Now it's clear to me. I wish you success with this project


when u dont understand something u should ask, we will help u if u need help.

such a motivation! let's spread the word!

great job

Read about utopian and @elear makes a good initiative about it here in steemit. It is awesome that you delegate such a huge sum. Wish to do the same but still struggling here in steemit

Sooo is steemconnect secure now? :)

Thx, I decided as little minnow to also support them. So I could only do a little bit. I hope it will be a great suc6. And I hope that I as witness will be seen more.. thank you for this post

that's a huge delegation and rightly so :)

also in utopian people can work as moderators and receive some rewards too .
this 5$ what you waiting its daily rewards or weekly?

wish you a success

I get to understand about delegating steem power here. Thanks for sharing this information.

If i had Steem Power or Steem i was sponsoring as well as i love the concept of this new project and if i am not wrong is the first one since SMT's were announced but unfortunatly i have really low numbers in both.
But keep up the good work guys as this project sounds amazing and for sure is going to be succesful!😉

good luck
I wish you a success.
I am also thinking now

You opened my eyes - I thought Utopian was created only for Busy project...
Yesterday I wrote my first article through Utopian.io, and was pleasantly surprised by the reward for this. Unfortunately my wallet is not so fat to make donations, but I wish good luck and profit to all investors who put their money to this project.

Thanks for your efforts, @cryptoctopus. Your post about Streemian actually inspired me to start learning Python. So far I've managed to get a telegram bot working shrug it's something...

Also, I'm loving steemconnect - not having to be concerned with account security makes it a lot more fun to code.

I'll try to support the apps on utopian.io and hopefully I'll be able to announce my own app soon!

Well done sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.


best post kepp it up & i am up voted you & following you

Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that Steemit is not just about individuals getting paid for blogging.

It can also be about crowdfunding. Or even fundraising. The community gives you a boost.

I am sold. Delegated 1000 SP to utopian.io .

Thanks for delegating to that project, the project is a laudable one. The 5% may appear small to the humongous 400K+ SP, but that is still a lot of SP. Thanks.

I wish I would have became a computer programmer in school. My dad kinda talked me out of it, but admire the people that troubleshoot and make all these improvements and now get rewarded is awesome.


u dont really need to be a programmer, there are other way.

I dropped a modest delegation into it myself this morning, after seeing this post when you first published it. I also did a tiny bit of moderation there as well, and plan to do more of both.

Good stuff. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Yours in Service,
Witness #98
Founder @YouAreHOPE - the steem powered worldwide humanitarian aid organization bringing Help, Opportunity, Purpose & Empowerment to disadvantaged people in economically distressed locales, all around the Earth we all share.

Not wanting to take away from the scope of this article and the awesomeness that is Utopian, but:

Before a few days ago, I've never delegated Steem Power. Firstly, because there wasn't something like SteemConnect to easily and securely do such as thing

Have a look at desktop wallet Vessel. It's open source, currently hosted on Github. It has many account and wallet specific functionalities, one of them being delegation.

Here's hoping soon we can reward @jesta, and contributors, for his awesome work on this project via Utopian. :)

I wish I could do that but the problem is I still have very low SP since I'm still new. I wonder also how I can be delegated with SP.

This is very good project. Thanks for sharing

more and more communities being formed on steem and smart media tokens. We are going to change the way world economy works!

I have been waiting for this for a while. Thanks.

This is a no brainer for us now...looking at how much SP have already been delegated there is just amazing, already +470000!
Thanks so much for giving such a clear explanation making us aware of this awesome project.
I will surely follow closely now on.
Thanks again!

nice blog gujju bhai

the future looks brighter

nice prject dude, congrats..

Thank you for the support for this @cryptoctopus. I support @elear in what he wants to happen. I also have something in mind I hope will come into fruition.

Congratulations @cryptoctopus!
Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:

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my grandmother always told me ' A kind gesture can light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life, be a giver' :-)

What about the BAT token, could this fit into this vision at all...?? Is that considered a smart media token..?

Because famous and rich people got it... it then became a problem. Feel me

Great! I will check it out, thank you @cryptoctopus

Nice work man

Hi i just followed you and upvote you
so will you upvote and follow me plzzz

and plzz upvote on my this post

I just found out about this tonight and have been really digging into it. Your overview here really helps explain the vision of the site and its goal I can clearly see now what you are vested heavily into it.

Thanks for this, I just delegated 2500SP. However my wallet now says that there are 2500SP delegated 'to' me, instead of saying they are delegated to the Utopian account. Is that right? Also i don't see options to take the delegation back?


You are still delegating your ~2500 SP (in the meantime it's become more) to @utopian-io. You can go to steemworld to remove your delegation. @Utopian-io is no longer active.

Hi, I delegated steem voting power to the project some ten months ago, around the time this post appeared. In fact, I recall this post was one of the reasons I delegated to utopian.
But the understanding was there would be a reward for delegations. I did receive a reward for some time. Then I took some time off the Steemit comunity, and when I come back I realize I have not received a reward for 10 months. And all previous links to the sponsors page I used to use were redirected to the home page of the new colony site.
Any advice on this issue will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.