On The Train

3년 전

Leaving Sweden

I’m on the train to Copenhagen airport. For those who don’t know Sweden is connected to Denmark with one of the largest bridges in the world, so crossing over is very convenient and only around a 2 hour train ride away from my home. As I’m looking out of the train window the view is mesmerizing.


Anyways, on the new horizons and new landscapes, I can’t wait to see that turquoise colored ocean ! 🌊

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Super beautiful landscape and sky! WOW!! Enjoy the sea ❤🌅


Thank you ! I sure will !

Seems like it's been a while since you left China! I am still interested in your master key design if you are still working on it :) Only Denmark is left in the World Cup Finals so I guess it will be quite exciting over there at the moment.


I’m still working on it and will probably have a prototype within 2 months ! I will make an update post the. :)

Sweden is also through to the next match ! It’s an exciting worldcup !