Calling out to Filipino Members or Soon-to-be Members of Whaleshares

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Image by jonnie gogo from Pixabay

Hello, my fellow Filipino bloggers on the blockchain! The @pinoy-ako account in was created by @profanereviews with a little help from @darthnava to help the Filipino members of the Whaleshares platform in their Philippine-related posts.

Hey, I am reaching out to fellow Filipino members or soon-to-be members of Whaleshares. Please do post about anything Philippine-related or about anything Filipino and please do use tags like "pinoy" or "Philippines" in order to get noticed by this account.

Shy because you are not that fluent in English? Filipino local languages like Tagalog, Cebuano and Ilonggo are also accepted...

Don't worry. That account will grow as planned.

Hey, man! There are no bidbots or flags/downvotes here on Whaleshares. The Whales are kinder so you'll more likely enjoy your stay!

If you are Filipino, please say "hello" in the comment section. May God Bless us all with good fortune in Whaleshares.

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Hi! Hope you could join us in

I am there, but I left. It looks more complicated to me.

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I think you should give it another try.