Acne Buterin: scale the Ethereum network, you can use technology zk-SNARKs

3년 전

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Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that the Ethereum blockchain can scale to large sizes by using zk-SNARKs, which was originally presented in the zcash for cryptocurrency.

According to him, the technology of zk-SNARKs is able to pack large amount of data in the compressed proof. They, in turn, can save size regardless of the number of input values. Thus, the network will scale, and a special relay system will combine the data and receive Commission.

With this method, I am sure Buterin, in a 24-fold increase in the number processed per second transaction in the blockchain, Ethereum, and 50 times tokens of the standard ERC-20. This saves the network from having to resort to the decisions of the second level, like Raiden or Plasma, and will allow to process up to 500 transactions per second.

Buterin convinced that this method of scaling the blockchain Ethereum can reduce the load on the network by the users. However did not deny that the technology would require a large amount of computing power, but in the future the system can be improved.

Scalability is one of the most serious problems for Ethereum. Recently the developers agreed on the activation of hard forks Constantinople, which should improve system performance and reduce the size of the commissions. In October there will be activation hard forks in the test network, and in November-December in the main Ethereum. Constantinople — the second phase of the global update Ethereum under the title Metropolis. The first hardwork, called Byzantium, was held in October 2017.

Earlier Buterin said that cryptocurrencies are no more opportunities for growth a thousandfold, causing massive outrage on the part of the industry. Bloomchain detailed how the words of co-founder Ethereum caused a lively debate in the cryptocurrency community.

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