French parliamentarians have proposed the regulation of the stock market

3년 전

Three members of the French Parliament from the party of “go Republic!” suggested amendments to the legislation regulating the activities of providers of services of the cryptocurrency market.

It is expected that the National Assembly, the lower house of the French Parliament, will consider these changes in the legislation of the country until the end of September.

The amendments made by the deputies of the party of the incumbent President of France Emmanuel Makron (Emmanuel Macron) with the aim of widening the existing legal framework to allow the participants of the stock market to get approval from the primary regulator — the office of financial markets (AMF).

According to deputies, the receipt of regulatory approvals will not be
for cryptomery required. But the license from
AMF will guarantee confidence and seriousness to the participant of the cryptocurrency market, they say.

We will remind, earlier this month, the French National Assembly approved a bill creating a legal framework for regulating the ICO in the country. In may, the Minister of economy and Finance of France Bruno Le Mer (Bruno Le Maire) expressed “full and unequivocal support” of the cryptocurrency industry.

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