Hackers broke into the Crowd project Machine and stole half of the tokens

3년 전

American scenes-Crowd Machine startup announced the hacker attack and theft of 1 billion tokens CMCT, which is half of the released coins. The company is investigating the incident. As a result, the cost of the CMCT has fallen sharply, but then shifted back to growth.

Access cryptocotyle users have been compromised. The address of the attackers is already known: 0x290d615eE921706ec8cCB2593F09B2d2e0f8b67c.

The company has assured customers that it is working on the problem, trying to solve it as quickly as possible.

"Our technical Director and his team of developers continue to focus on managing our Crowd platform, Machine, computer network Crowd and our learning tools such as Crowd Base and Crowd Academy. The CEO and Executive team continue to provide information to the investigation team and manage community feedback," wrote the project team in his blog.

Any more reviews area to provide did not, citing the criminal investigation of the incident. The project team promised to publish additional information as soon as I can.

22 Sep price CMCT was $0,012, before dropping to $0,002. Today, according to Coinmarketcap at 11: 05 am GMT, the exchange rate of the token increased by 5.45%, to $0,002125. The capitalization of the coins was $999 thousand.

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