How to protect yourself from cryptogamia. User tips

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Some cryptoanalysis overlooked the fact that, in addition to price downturns, with their favorite assets can be related to other problems. We are talking about the hidden mining, or triptoreline criminal activity, the volume of which only in the last quarter of 2017 increased by 600%.

As a rule, the miner generally knows how much electricity and computing power it requires for cryptocurrency mining. However, there is the threat of hacking device to steal its processing power. Moreover, this scenario is quite common. Overheating, lack of efficiency, too low battery life — all this may indicate the operation of the processors outsiders.

In this case, measures must be taken. Cryptobinary can access the user's device when one visits an infected website or downloads a malicious application. Fortunately, this is prevented by the browsers Firefox and Opera. To improve the security of the browser may also minerBlock and similar plugins. However, it is important to download such plug-ins and applications from official sources, otherwise it may become worse.

Mozilla created the first browser for mobile devices with built-in detector cryptogamia. Browser from Mozilla should be used when working in a private WiFi-network — only this will guarantee full protection. And in any case you need time to upgrade the operating systems on all devices, since the new version include fresh protection from security threats, including from cryptogamia.

Take care of safety equipment for the home WiFi network. The router must be reliable, password — versatile and constantly updated. Stay alert: we tend to relax, despite initial good intentions.

The above measures are good and effective but how can one know that already infiltrated criminals in the system? First, the fact of the penetration, as we have said, may indicate unusual activity of the processor. Swipe the monitor activity, check suspicious tasks. If they are, they are, of course, you need to stop. As for the phone, under "Settings" displays the utilization of the battery. These data allow us to judge, does not consume large amount of energy third-party source.

In addition, Opera is one of the most advanced companies producing browsers, has created a website that tests the open pages on the subject of cryptogamia. Go to this website using any browser.

Thus, there is not the slightest reason to become a victim of cryptogamia: to protect yourself from it is not so difficult. A new infographic gives an idea about some of the other security measures. The mission of cryptocurrency is to bring people wealth, not destroy their computers.

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