I love something which everyone love some things in his life ...

3년 전

Hy every body ..... How are you ... ?
Iam fine and you are also good. Today iam discussing about some thing commen in humans life , which we all love them.


For example I love to cook some special dishes like rice , biryani , vegitable and bar.b.q . And I like to eat too .
2nd thing is that I love to play cricket and also watching cricket match on telivision specially international comprtitions and my faviourite team is australia and my favourite player is BooM BoOm his name is Shahid Afridi the pakistani star . I love him he is the best cricketer in my openion.
3rd I love to listning songs and playing music but iam not singer and I like singing too.
My faviourite singer is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan he was dead before some years. But his songs and music is not dead with him .
I really like his songs .

Most of things which we love but family is most important in our life . Family is beautifull and bright gift from the treasure of God .
So take care of your family and your goals.

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