My case on why you should follow @xeline

2년 전

@xeline is an account a friend started to bring awareness to a little coin called XEL or Elastic. I have been watching this little coing for a while and it has been on a downward trend like all other coins. Well it is down in my buying range now so I figured I would do my part to spread the word. XEL has recently hit a little jump but nothing crazy like a pump and dump going on. So if you are looking for new coins to follow I would suggest giving @xeline a look and doing your own research and maybe buying in on a good coin that may be towards the bottom of its fall and ripe for the picking. It is trading at 0.00001246 sat. not a bad deal in my opinion.

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What does it represent?


here is kind of an overview of the project. It has been around for a while and has gone down in price a lot. I view it as a hell of a deal if it decides to take back off again


I’ll peep that shit out. Not like I have any real spare cash to chuck in this second but ya never know.