My raw food experience

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Unsuccessful raw food attempt

Hi there! Some time ago I decided to conduct a small experiment with food. I'm vegan. I've already tried raw food, but it usually lasted a few days. This time I planned to do this for two months. Just want to say that the attempt was unsuccessful due to the fact that it did not work out all the planned time (for a number of reasons only three weeks had happened).

Despite this, the overall experience was positive. At first you get a little lost what to eat. But this issue is solved by itself within a few days. One of the main observations was that during the first week of raw food, the body is rebuilt even after vegan food. First time there is a weakness. But as soon as the body gets used to such nutrition all discomfort goes away. At such transition it is necessary to consider in advance if you experience physical activities and correct your diet. You can think in advance which products to stock up. In my case everything turned out spontaneously, I just started...

When people switch to vegan food, they start to feel better. This is due to the cleansing of the body of various slags and preservatives that people eat along with animal food and fast food. But despite vegan food, we continue to eat not the most useful food (salted, fried). This is less of a burden on the body, but it still has to spend its resources on the processing of harmful substances. When switching to raw food, our body spends a minimum of resources on the digestion and assimilation of food, and spends maximum resources on its efficiency, recovery and maintenance of health. After the first week, I noticed that I began to feel better than vegan food. As soon as my body got used, I again was able to fully engage in sports. And my results did not become worse) A little later you start to notice that you feel even better than vegan food.

Of course there are some features when cooking. If everything is clear with fruits and vegetables, then what about the porridges? It must be remembered that the croup should not be thermally treated. Ideally, green buckwheat. You just need to fill it with water for several hours, then rinse and you can eat, or you can wait for it to germinate, it's even more useful. One of the characteristics of "live" buckwheat is that it has a high protein content (13-15%). In such a cereal contains much more useful substances, since heat treatment destroys most of them.

This experience has proved that eating is a habit. For example, many meat eaters do not represent their diet without meat. All food should be with meat or they can not work or do something, they will not have the strength... In my case, I wanted a vegetable stew, fried potatoes or baked vegetables. Over time, these desires pass. At one time I quit smoking and for a while I always wanted a cigarette. Later I got out of this habit and it was with meat. All our habits are in our heads. Just to change them you need the desire and awareness that you want it! And you can stop eating meat, stop smoking and do many other things)

I hope my experience will be useful to you. Ask questions in the comments?

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Всё таки сыроедение это не для слабых духом ))


Надо понимать, что ты этого хочешь и для чего)


А вот это касается вообще любых решений!

This was interesting to read. Even if you call it an unsuccessful raw food experience, it wasn't a failure. You had a positive experience, and I'm glad you did! Moreover, you made me tempted to try raw food experience as well. But I think I'm not going to try it out before next summer, now when it's getting colder and colder, I need something warm to eat... :D


I'm glad to hear that my experience has motivated you! :) I also do not consider this a failure) The only negative is that it did not work for two months, as originally planned) The rest of the experience is exceptionally positive) You can drink hot tea or herbal tea - it will warm) But some raw foods insist tea or herbs in cold water for several hours and, thus, get cold tea. If you want to try so, then it's better to wait for the summer) But you can try a raw diet one or two days to start. This will allow you to understand the diet and better understand how your body reacts to this before a longer attempt.
If you have any questions, please contact :)


That's a good idea to try the diet for a few days before trying it for a longer period of time. I think it's really interesting to see how our bodies react to different diets. I'll definitely contact you if I have any questions! :)


I'll be glad to help)))

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