I ran this risk naked run from the bathroom to my room, them back to the bathroom today.

3년 전

Hello fellow steemians. It's a bright morning here from Oyo state, Nigeria. And I want to wish everybody a happy day fulfilled with laughter and blessing.

Sincerely, what firstly came to your mind when you read the title of this post?


If you thought I ran in naked from the bathroom to my room, and then back to the bathroom - you are correct.

I've always heard about this risky naked run a long while ago from friends on Facebook. The first time I heard someone was asking if people have experienced such, I could relate to when I was in a boarding secondary school. Although, then, we didn't care who could see us. We were all boys in our hostel - boys hostel.

But, today I experience the clear scenario the Facebook guy was trying to describe. I ran nakedly as if someone was after me to my room and then back to the bathroom.

I recently moved into a face-me-face-you house in January. My room is the second room by the left while the bathroom is at the backyard. I would have to walk by another 2 rooms to get to the bathroom.

I made the analysis above for you to understand how far or how near my room is to the bathroom.

So, I wanted to get to office quickly today. I woke up around 5:30 am. I said my prayers and cooked something delicious for myself. Don't bother to ask what. It's the common food Nigerians are fond of. 😁 😁 😁

Before I could finish, it was past 7, and I wanted to get to office by 8 am. I rushed to fetch water and put it in the bathroom before someone else could occupy the bathroom. People who live in this kind of house can relate to this behavior.

Then, I picked my toothbrush and the sponge box. Off to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I got undressed. And then, I forgot something. * Guess what! *

I forgot the soap I just bought last night. Gosh! I had to take it in my room.

But I was already late!

Within seconds, my mind has run through so many things I could do. Something told me to just shower with the water. Ugh! My body could be smelling. I am supposed to smell fresh in the office. So I had to take the soap.

And I ended up peeping carefully and watched if no one was around the bathroom and the passage. So, I ran as if I was pursued without wearing anything to my room. I took the soap, and hurried back to the bathroom.

Could you believe my harsh footsteps almost caught people's attention? But I'm glad. No one saw me - maybe that's what I think anyway. If anyone saw me, would they tell me?

I know you could have experienced such before. Even if you have not. Someone close to you could have. can you share your experience with us in the comment section??

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