A Crypto Noobs Random Thoughts Part 4: Market Cap, Cats, FUD

4년 전

Wow, STEEM is up almost 40% from yesterday at the time of me writing this, that is quite shocking! This post is just random stuff on my mind today...lol.

Screen Capture Taken from Coin Market Cap

There are 2 ways of thinking right now in the crypto market. The first are people like me, who are cautiously optimistic and think that this may be the start of a recovery. Then there are the jaded crypto people...who think that this is a bull trap and things will crash again at any second.

Even my Mom, who came over today to visit for a bit was talking about how shes "seeing green" on her "portfolio" right now. She asked me if this was the start of "going to the moon again..." LOL I love you Mom. I bought my Mom some Bitshares and some STEEM to get her interested. I have to say I did regret doing this starting Mid January, because I had to add her to the list of people that I was constantly reassuring that everything was going to be ok.

My Mom has faithfully held on to her crypto, so I have to give her credit for that! Even though even if she did want to sell them, she couldn't do it without me....haha.

Here is a picture of my mom and her rescue pup Goldie on the right thats my dog Oliver

Speaking of pets, the cat has been scratching my brand new dining chairs! The scratching post is literally 2 feet away. I have resorted to putting aluminum foil on all of my chairs in an effort to deter him. Will it work? I have no idea.

The cat is a stray cat that decided to live here after we moved in 4 years ago. He was creeping around outside and I started feeding him. One night it was really cold so I opened the door and let him in, he hasn't left since. I have no idea what his history is, he's kind of like a stranger living in my house...lol. He is pretty to look at though. I named him Finn.

Finn is perplexed as to why I ruined his fun

FUD from the Wall Street Journal?

I just happened to read an article from the WSJ titled "Bitcoin’s Hype Vanishes Just Like That..." you can read the article here.

It's funny, because as I type this I see the market moving like crazy. The people that have an interest in blockchain technology and decentralization are just as passionate as they were back at ATH's. Sure the money from the FOMOers and the Noobs who panic sold has gone away...for now. But I am sure they will be back.

I can't wait until STEEM rises to its new all time high. Now that I am on here and and offically a minnow seeing my account value go up like that will be extremely motivating. Until then, I hope you all keep going here on STEEM.

I am always happy to read your comments in the comment section below. Do you think that we have finally exited the bear market? Have you heard any news about Steemit that you'd like to share with me? Funny memes and pics of pets always make me smile too...lol! Anyways, Steem on!


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Lots of long term potential in many places in cryptos but you are smart for being doubtful as the reality is that most of the assets will not achieve success in the long term. Steem is one of the better projects as it has working technology with great potential as it continues to add more applications to support the social aspect of the platform.


Yeah I really do believe in blockchain tech and decentralization but I do realize that this is all one big bet on the future, so its important to keep that in mind when deciding how much you are willing to invest. I am probably under invested considering how much I believe in it all, and while I have fomo I know that if everything goes to zero it wouldnt ruin me financially.

It's pretty fun watching the prices go up today. I'm not good with charts yet but I think if I had some liquid steem I would sell it, put in tether and buy when steem crashes again. I'd like it to keep going up but it seems that my investment just grows and shrinks in the market. I don't get to take any profit lol. At least with steem we are earning income. I'm just afraid of getting caught in this game of hot potato. Nice pets btw and say hi to mom!


I could never day trade... I know that I would lose everything! I don't enjoy gambling though, lol. If I go to a casino and win money I actually walk away immediately...which is rare. I think its best to pick a project and just hold until it goes to the moon or bust. It keeps me (somewhat) sane...:D


(Omg, it says STEEM is up 69% now...thats insane...)

Steem is a novelty and not much more. I dont think steemit or steem will last more than 3-5 years at most. Still nice that the steemit platform is not under the same control as facebook and twitter.

I was a little scared this morning to open my portfolio. Just like you I did become a little bit skeptic about the sudden rise. Also skeptic about all the date we did see in the past, like the bonuses on wall street and Chinese New year. So, I did expect red figures this morning in portfolio, which was just great. I guess, we have to enjoy the moment while it lasts.
Cats and furniture! I know the feeling! We have 2 cats, and although they have scratch poles, did prefer the couch and indeed dining chairs!