I Know I've Been Away Lately, How Is Everyone Doing?

4년 전

Spring is here but in Chicago its snowing today....how typical!
How is everyone out there on Steemit doing? I haven't been as active as I should be in the last couple weeks! I am definitely going to get back into the jive of things. I was on Steemit about 40 hours a week in the beginning!

I have been focusing on working and cleaning my house/decorating my house. Crypto and Steemit have fallen by the wayside.

I did read the SteemitBlog post about how Hive (aka Communities) is still being worked on and will hopefully be released soon! That coupling with a turn around in the crypto market I am really hoping that the price of STEEM will start rising again soon!

So, that being said here are some photos of what I've been up to the last couple days....

Brad being tortured picking out curtains for our dining room

Lunch at Goose Island in Chicago, they have good food and beer

I think our dining room is really coming along!

We are going for a "kind of farmhouse" style. I really love the show Fixer Upper :) I live in Chicago though, so I don't wanna take it too literal!
I bought some frames (they are sitting on the dining table empty)...now I just have to pick out some prints!

Thanks for reading my ramblings...if you have any comments or just want to say what youve been up to I always love reading your replies in the comments section below! Emily

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The difference in Brads eyes is funny. In the first he has that deer caught in the headlights look, in the second like they opened the gates of heaven to let him in. Thinking he would have rather been back up on the roof of your house again than be shopping for those curtains, lol.

Nice rug under the table. I notice that it probably isn't wide enough to protect the wood floor from being scratched from the chairs when you pull them out. Is it a good wood or that cheap stuff that scratches if you look at it wrong?

Glad to see you back and posting again. And maybe you can make it up to Brad by posting some pictures of you holding up some grains and hops wherever he buys his beer making supplies, with that deer in the headlights look, lol.


Haha yeah, he feels tortured going to Home Goods....but I dont make him go often.
I am not really sure about the wood that we have in our house, weve been here for over 4 years and they don't scratch easily. Also I bought some felt pads to put under the chair legs so they wont scratch the floor just in case!
I will definitely take a picture the next time he brews beer, lol. It will be a very mad look while he spills crap all over my kitchen, haha.

I'll be following your decorating journey, my gf has the same style as you and were looking to do some decorating as well.

I remember when you did the post about giving the front of your house a pretty simple makeover, my gf must have been watching or reading the same thing as you as the other day she was talking to me about an accent plant here and this there and it reminded me of what you did.

Were getting ready to redo the laundry room so been browsing pinterest for some ideas. My house is small so additional storage is a priority so will probably lean towards function over our ideal look but still should be nice.

I've been toying with the ida of putting a little she shed/studio/office in the backyard, debating if its worth the money and if the city will give me a hard time.


I dont know what it is about these old houses in Chicago...there is NO storage! I have one closet on my first floor and its tiny. I guess people in the 1940s didnt buy things lol....

Hi @emmyem84! How are you?
Good to see you :)
I'm doing fine. Just miss you and your post.


Hey! Hopefully I will find some more things to post about this week, :) Gotta keep going at it so when Steemit becomes big we will all be the whales, haha


Being a whale is a dream :)
First I want to be a minnow.

Hey, remember me when you will be a whale :)

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My girlfriend just had twins so I have been pretty busy myself lately. Did you ever get your EOS registered? EOSDAC airdrop is the 15th.