Hairy Caterpillar (Toxic)

4년 전

In this post I put one type of small, dangerous species, caterpillar. as we know, caterpillar species are very diverse, both in shape, size and color.

Besides that, caterpillars are hairy and some are hairless. in this post I put a type of hairy caterpillar. the feathers found in this caterpillar are very dangerous, because they contain toxins. one of the effects when touched for humans, it will cause itching and sores, so that it swells in the parts of the body that are touched by the feathers. hope of recovery requires a very long time, especially if there is a caterpillar hair broken and attached to the human body.

Caterpillars like this are not rare and are abundant in our environment, especially above plants. This caterpillar is a pest group, as we see, caterpillars attack plants, both young plants and old plants.

The part of the plant that is attacked by caterpillars, especially in the leaves, the effect is wilted leaves and there is a defect (tear) of the caterpillar bite. and also the part of the plant that is attacked by the caterpillar on the stem, the effect is that the plant's branches will be brittle and die.




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life is indeed wonderful, have you ever thought that caterpillars transform into the beautiful butterflies, despite the ugly shape and most times biting nature of caterpillars they have a role to play in nature.