Is there anybody out there?

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[Image of virtual @flaccidfervor, estranged from the tangible reality we all take for granted]

So as some of you unlikely may have noticed, I dipped out for awhile. Upon my arrival back, I noticed something very strange. The spam is gone. No one's begging for money. No one's posting anything that isn't of value to the community.

This pleases me.

For that reason, I can get down with the SD crash. We're not really here for the money anyway. We've created our own world, our own little village.

This is a place of prosperity.

But as I was perusing my people, I noticed that that's not all that's missing.
Where have all my Steemians gone?
My artists, my philosophers, my do-gooders, my storytellers?

If you're still here, give me a shoutout, send me a link and show me what's going on in your life.

I plan on resuming my Steemit duties of community building, music sharing, contest having, and perhaps a few other surprises, as I now find myself with an inordinate time on my hands due to an unemployable injury.

Will you help me maintain my sanity?

Will you remind me of what's good and beautiful in the world?

I will share the less cryptic details of my life in a later post, but right now I want to hear from you.
You just say the word, and you're back on my radar.

Ciao for now, my kitties ^.^

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  ·  2년 전

Helllooo @flaccidfervor, I'm still around, however quiet I may seem: )

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Well aren't you just the best little helper? :)

Welcome back. Hope you do choose to stay a while.

We have certainly lost quite a few users in the last year. Some of those have been good users. Quite a few of them have been not quite so good ones... As a result, we have quite a bit less spam, as well as quite a few less great artists...but there are still more than a few. You just gotta figure out ones that are still here.

This is the nature of things. Other sites lose users as well. We just happened to lose quite a few more, because of the crypto crash.

Hey, wait a minute....aren't you that person at Caffetto? I remember you!! Welcome back :)


Yup I'm that person! Except I'm that mysterious couch potato now, just a ghost of that person at Caffetto. Nice to officially Steemeet you!

  ·  2년 전

Love this one K. Keep um coming!

The value went down and the spammers disappeared :D


Also, you should check out @binkyprod.
She's the reason I dove into Dragon Age. All of her videos are cool.

Hey, I remember you! Welcome back :-) Hope you enjoy the new old environment...

I look forward to it SiStar. 🙌🧡

With great power, comes great responsibility.