Are You Using Dustsweeper? (Special Offer For OSD Recipients)


Greetings Steemian's,

Have you heard of @dustsweeper?

Anyone who's been on the blockchain for a while has likely heard of this service, and is likely using it. I'll explain why.


On the Steem blockchain we have something called dust votes. If your vote/post/comment payout is not worth 0.03 cents USD in Steem value, you're going to dust out, meaning both the voter does not receive curation, and the user receiving the vote also gets nothing.


If you don't already know why, it sounds kind of ridiculous right? Well, no one really likes it, but it serves a specific purpose. It's an economic protection built into the chain, to protect us from vote farmers! So it's not that bad right? I don't think so, it's a protection, and if not in place, we would have a serious problem with mass account creation and vote farming. Sad but true.

Now that we understand the purpose, I think most will agree that it's not bad, but...

If you are dust voting, or receiving dust votes, this is a waste of resources for the voter, and also, you get nothing. So we need to utilize a service like @dustsweeper. There's just no way around it if you want to maximize your rewards. Dustsweeper will match any amount of Steem or SBD you send, 100%. So if you send 0.5 SBD, you will be loaded with $1.00 USD equivalent, which will be used to upvote comments or posts that fall into dust range.

The service is tried and true, very reputable, and you will not be risking loss by utilizing the service, unless you stop posting on the Steem blockchain for the rest of time.

You can also gift dustsweeper to friends by sending Steem/SBD with memo to: usernamewithout@

I've been voting 100% votes pretty frequently to ensure dust does not occur, but it's not efficient at all, and I've been blasting my VP down to as low as 50 percent at times. I don't intend to do this anymore. It's very inefficient for curation.

I do want to help others grow, and also ensure I maintain a somewhat efficient growth. So I will not be voting higher than 30% on comments anymore. This will cast a 0.01 cent vote with my current Steem Power, and that means if you're not using the service, you will lose that vote, and I will also lose.

I hope to raise awareness about the dust votes, and I hope if you're not using the service, you'll give it a try.

Are you a new Steemian hearing about this service for the first time? Please let futuremind know, if you have questions, concerns, or find yourself confused. Let's talk about it.

Special offer for Steemian's receiving @osd delegation!

If you are a Steemian receiving an OSD delegation from @ocd-witness, please comment on this post, and you will be awarded 0.25 SBD, sent as a gift, to @dustsweeper.
There are no special "rules" or requirements, other than telling me you are receiving OSD delegation prior to the 7 day payout of this post. I will verify, and send the gift to dustsweeper, which will give you 0.50 cents USD value in dust vote savings. It does not matter if you already have some dustsweeper, I will still award the promised amount. I hope every OSD recipient comments on this post!

Thanks for stopping by, much love!

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I don't know what @osd is, but I just wanted to drop by to say this is a great initiative. Dustsweeper is a must for any of us whose full-power upvote does not yet meet the 2cents threshold. Cheers!


Thank you @wholeself-in.

Just trying to help out a bit and ensure newbies know about a service that will help them in the beginning stages of their growth, which we know can be tough, and also further on, as dustweeper is a great service for everyone who's at risk for getting dust votes, which is pretty much everyone I think, unless one self upvotes their own comments that are under 3 cents. I suppose that's an option as well, but definitely not feasible to the majority of us on the platform.

@osd is Operation Slider Delegation, which is for Steemian's who've been curated by @ocd, and have under 500 SP. Not everyone gets on it, because there are limited slots, but there are quite a few. If you look at the outgoing delegations for ocd-witness on steemworld, you can see all the Steemians who are on it. It works on a sliding scale, (and makes it so they get the steemit slider bar for votes) so a Steemian with 50 SP will have 450 SP delegation, and as it grows , the delegation decreases until the Steemian has 500 SP. Pretty awesome I think.

So the idea with offering this little incentive to the OSD Steemian's is the fact that we know they are lower SP holders, and we also know they produce quality content because they've been reviewed by the OCD team in the past!

Really appreciate the kind words and support @wholeself-in, always a pleasure to see you :)

Hello @futuremind, how are you doing? Actually I have never heard of Dustsweeper. By reading your writing , I can increase my knowledge about blockchain. Thank you friend. Enjoy your day, sir.


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i remember reading about dust sweeper quite a while back, but unsure what i did in response. probably nothing, but i adore danielsaori so ima delegate..

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